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Video Interview: Eva Plays Dead at Southampton’s Talking Heads

Eva Plays Dead 4.jpg

Eva Plays Dead recently just finished their UK tour alongside Devilskin and Sumo Cyco at Southampton’s Talking Heads. On the night Eva Plays Dead were awesome, the lead singer Tiggy Dee,was great and had a ferocious voice! She had a great stage presence and everyone just really engaged with the band. The bass player Zach Shannon and guitarist Matt Gascoyne were also really engaging and drummer Seb Boyse just added to this. Although Tiggy had concussion from a gig at Chester earlier in the tour, the singer braced through it brilliantly. They sung Get Back which was dedicate to someone in the crowd that was about his ex wife. Along that, they played their new single Spin which is officially released on March 31st. You can check out an interview with the band before their gig, below!


Interview: Order of Voices talk latest music

Order of.jpg

Prog rock quintet ORDER OF VOICES are proud to announce the release of their new album
Constancy. Having in the past been called Britain’s answer to Tool and Alice in Chains,
ORDER OF VOICES like to think they offer something new to the genre.
The new album builds on the strengths of the highly acclaimed debut album and pushes things further – it’s a more mature piece of work, and as a band ORDER OF VOICES have really focused in on the songwriting, capping it off with great individual performances to bring the songs on the album to life. The band recently just released a music video for Long For Air which you can check out below!


We managed to catch up with the band as they talk about their latest single and more!

How has the release of Long For Air gone so far?

So far so good, the reaction has been great to both the song and video, it’s a nice window into the approach we took for the album ‘Constancy’ out now!

 Can you tell us a bit about the single?
It was written in the studio as an extra bonus track for the album and as it evolved we decided we really liked it.  We decided we should put it on the album as a full track rather than just a bonus.  The song takes in the human condition and having to deal with hardship and plotting a course through the worst of it.

What was the funniest moment while recording it?

Long for Air had a working title that literally stopped me breathing on numerous occasions I laughed so hard.

Will you be releasing an EP or album at all this year?

Long for Air is the lead single from our new album ‘Constancy’ out now on all digital platforms.

Have you got any gigs lined up in the next few months?
We’re currently working on UK and European dates to support the album – watch this space!

 What has been your proudest moment to date?

Being asked to headline European dates to support our debut album and garnering some amazing reviews!

What does it mean to you when you see fans listen to your music?

It means a great deal, the support we have validates what we do – we love our music but it wouldn’t mean much if no one else did!

 Who has the best fashion sense in the band?

We’re all exceptionally stylish but Ash has the best slippers.

 What do you get up to in your spare time?

Writing the next album of course!

Interview: The Big Moon’s Celia Archer

The Big Moon

Championed by the likes of NME,  hotly-tipped London quartet The Big Moon have recently announced their debut album Love In The 4th Dimension, due for release on 7th April via Fiction Records. They’ll be touring the U.K next month in support of the album where they will start their tour at Brighton’s The Haunt on 20th April and end it on 2nd May at London’s Village Underground. The girls have also re-released Sucker which you can watch below!


The track was recently Clara Amfo’s ‘Tune of the Week’ on BBC  Radio 1, and follows their performance at Radio 1’s ‘Future Festival’ in January. We managed to catch up with Bass player Celia Archer as talked about the upcoming album, tour, her hobbies and more!

The Big Moon UK 2017 Tour Dates

20th April – The Haunt, Brighton
21st April – Clwb lfor Bach, Cardiff
22nd April – Sub 89, Reading
23rd April – Electric Circus, Edinburgh
25th April – Oh Yeah Music Centre, Belfast
26th April – Dublin Academy 2, Dublin
28th April – Deaf Institute, Manchester
29th April – Live at Leeds, Leeds
30th April – FestEvol, Liverpool
02nd May – Village Underground, London

Interview: Hidden Cabins talks latest single

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Hailing from the Northern reaches of New Jersey (USA), the creative duo consisting of Craig Cirinelli and Brian Hofgesang (aka Hidden Cabins) recently released Bet It All On You.
With accompanying cinemagraph from Kayla Surico, Bet It All On You takes the listener on a slow building journey through Hidden Cabin‘s trademark emotive & melodic vocal deliveries, acoustic guitar tones and their collaborative intentions to mould dark brooding alternative folk/rock. Adding more instrumentation than previous releases, the Hidden Cabin‘s embark on an instinctive shift in their sonic direction.
The song-crafting chemistry between Cirinelli & Hofgesang has evolved organically over several years of their partnership. In which time, the outfit has released records via numerous credible indie labels and have embarked on tours of the US, UK, Canada and Spain.
Watch Bet It All On You

We managed to catch up with Hidden Cabins as the duo talked about the single and more!

How has the video for ‘Bet It All On You’ gone down so far with fans?
Craig:  We’re pleased with reactions we’ve seen, either direct or indirectly.   Nary of a bad reaction just yet (yet…), the general consensus is that the serene, ‘moving still’ cinemagraph style has captured those which have given it equal amount of visual and aural time.  In this day and age of fleeting singles, we do realize it’s not to be expected from everyone.  When I first saw the treatment done by Kayla Surico, I was personally entranced,  hence pleased with what we were putting out there.
Tell us about the song and video.
Craig:  The video is a representation of mood and tone, a visual placeholder of sorts.  It’s not a traditional video, so there isn’t a story to tell.  It’s more akin to a postcard, or the credit roll to a movie enhanced by the slightest bit of movement over the near ten minute span.  Regarding the song itself, it’s been our main set closer for quite awhile, when we’re given the time for a full-set.  It just seems to have a sonic build and dynamic to place it there.  Lyrically, I’d like to let the song tell it’s own story, a listener can take from it what they desire it to be.
Would you say this is your favourite release yet?
Craig:  Each phase of the group has a song or songs that stand out to us as individuals, “phase” being that it seems we write a few songs at once, play a lot of gigs, take some trips, and then repeat—so there are pockets of time to a few clusters of them.  It’s not always the same favourite song for Brian and I, and we’re quite OK with that.  Keeps us varied.  So I can say “yes” in the current moment, ha ha.
Will there be a new EP/ Album coming this year?
Craig:  We have an additional ‘single’ to record next month (April 2017) for a compilation request by Combover Records, a small indie label from New Jersey who ushered forth our last 10” record, which will be on a digital compilation soon after.  Our plan after that (at least discussed internally) is to record additional songs for an EP unto our own, perhaps to release on both 12” vinyl and CD, hand in hand.  Whether this will all happen before the end of the year, I’d doubt simply due to production time in the vinyl world, but I do know we plan on getting into the studio to track quite a few new songs for this reason by late Summer/Fall.
If you could work with any band on a new song who would it be and why?
Craig:   I’m extremely fond of many forms of music, which makes it a hazy mental sift to find a distinct answer to this question. Those that know me see the conundrum.  I obsess over some of the most saturated, thick, excessive music, yet hold the love for it juxtaposed with a passion for such organic, stripped to the bone songs as well.  Off the top of my head, Hope Sandoval perhaps?   That’s an always, instant answer.  But there are many.  Those that know me know how much I love to collaborate, create & mix up the influences.
What has been your proudest moment to date?
Craig:  I can’t pinpoint a moment for both of us in HidCabs, yet I bet we would agree, most of the traveling and the experience but within it.  We’ve been to different countries, over large bodies of water and masses of land and have been allowed to play our music in front of people with different cultures, dialects, and the like.  Humbling to be accepted (for a couple of humble guys).
What does it mean to you when you see fans listen to your music?
Craig:  That the inspirations and frustrations along the way became worth it.  The listener becomes that finish line. Whether it be in the comfort of their home or at a venue they chose to spend their time, a journey begun from song creation has reached another destination.
Will there be a tour or gigs announced soon?
Craig:   Tour, we plan what we can once or twice a year further out, yet do weekenders in between.  We have  open recent invites to return to some of our European destinations once again, which beckon us in such a warm, loving way.  Though we just returned from a “Texas weekender” which I bet you realize how large our own country is, so it was a trip in itself.  Gigs always, yet tour we can’t say soon, but we will, you can bet on it.
What has been your funniest moment as a band since starting?
Craig:  Nothing jaw-dropping that takes the cake. Plenty of little things… Brian sideswiping hedges on the *wrong side of the road* in England.  I took heat (more than once) for faking an accent overseas.  Brian’s blockades behind highway motel room doors with chairs/guitar/amps.  Salt on the rim of a beer in the South.  You know, those sorts of things stand out.

Interview: Uncle Frank talks latest release


Having already given fans a taste of what’s to come after dropping two singles earlier this year- Leicester’s Uncle Frank, the funk/pop/hip-hop/rock freight train that BBC Radio 1 calls “Among the country’s most prolific, endearing and talented bands” have announced the official release of their brand new “Love Lion” album on Friday, March 17th!

The band, made up of multi-instrumentalists and producers Frank Benbini (also one third of The Fun Lovin’ Criminals) & Naim Cortazzi, the band has garnered National Radio plays from Huey Morgan on BBC6 Music and BBC Radio 2 and A-listed on Regional Radio throughout the UK.

Touring with the legendary UB40 in America, Frank and Naim duetted with Ali Campbell and UB40 at New Jersey’s Performing Arts Centre singing a reggae version Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ which is on the Radio Riddler album ‘Purple Reggae’ (produced by Frank and Fast from FLC) and featuring vocals from Ali Campbell, Sinead O’Connor, Suggs from Madness, Citizen Cope and Beverley Knight.

With their highly anticipated release of the Love Lion LP released just last Friday, and some great live U.K. performances, you won’t want to miss out. Check out the title song below!

We managed to catch up with the band as they talk about the latest release and more!
So how has Love Lion been since the release? 
Well it’s only been a few days but getting a great response and buzz which is fantastic for us.

Tell us about the album:
the album is true UF pulling on our background and upbringing as kids from the 80’s you can definitely feel that running through the record and as always Our love for Prince and old school flavours with the ballads it’s the best body of work and a great record.

Was it is like being noticed by BBC Radio 1?

it’s always nice for our music to be recognised and played on record to music lovers it’s a positive thing and we live all things positive .

How was it touring with UB40?

the best Ali and the boys are very good friends of ours they have looked out for us on the road too- but playing all over the USA in great venues was just the best.

What has been the highlight of your band so far?

the highlight well these been a few but the 1st time we played in our home town and we saw what we are capable of live – that was a big highlight.

If you could work with any band on a new song, who would it be and why?

Rival Sons – because they are just awesome live and as dudes.

Will there be a tour with the release of the album?

yes we have dates being firmed up and festivals but a full tour is in the works plus dates in the states.

How much does your fans mean to you guys?

everything – as a fan of many artists we appreciate what It takes when you commit and fall in love with a band or artist and spend money etc – it means the world to us and we respect UF fans in a big way.

Interview: Talay talks upcoming EP

Megan Taley

Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Megan Talay , who performs under her last name, has announced a new self titled EP, out June 2nd. A follow-up to 2015’s Piece by Piece EP, the new release finds her exploring a new, amped-up sound, trading in her acoustic guitar for infectious electric riffs and an upbeat pop-punk sensibility. It was co-produced by Greg Mayo (Bernhoft, Delta Rae) and Zach Jones (Sting, A Great Big World, Wakey! Wakey!) and mixed by Ducky Carlisle (Demi Lovato, Rooney.) Check out Parents House below!

We got up with Talay as she talked about the upcoming EP and more!

So how pumped are you for the release of your upcoming EP in June?
SO PUMPED!! Honestly, I am extremely excited to put out this EP. My band and I have been playing some of these songs since the release show for my last EP, so it’s been a while now that they’ve been in my live set and I can’t wait to share the studio versions.

Will this be any different from your previous EP, Piece By Piece?
Oh yeah this one will be very different. Piece by Piece was made up of songs that I wrote in college and represented a time when I was playing a lot of solo shows with an acoustic guitar. So much changed for me musically when I moved back to New York after school. I started playing more regularly with a full band in addition to playing as a hired gun for a bunch of other projects, and I got a lot better on electric guitar. I played one guitar solo on Piece by Piece, whereas on this self-titled EP I played leads on basically every track. I think there’s only one acoustic guitar part on the whole record and it’s way back in the mix on “Miami Take Me Home.” The lyrical intention is also in a much different place. I think this EP has a bit of a smirk to it – some songs can be a little snarky and sarcastic. It’s a departure from Piece by Piece which was, for the most part, pretty earnest lyrically and even sentimental at times.

How was it working with the likes of Zach Jones and Greg Mayo?
Zach and Greg are awesome. Not only are they both brilliant musicians but they’re also great guys and we had a ton of fun in the studio. In addition to being killer players, they’re talented songwriters too, so we focused on the songs themselves at times as much as much as the sound. They both brought some pivotal arrangement ideas to the table that took the tunes to the next level. I worked with Greg on “Drummer of the Band,” “CITY,” and “Miami Take Me Home,” and then Zach came in to co-produce “Parents’ House” and “I Hope Your Band Goes Nowhere.”
How has the release of “Parents’ House” gone down so far?
It’s been cool! I’ve gotten a lot of positive reaction from folks I know as well as folks I don’t know so that has been really nice. “Parents’ House” has sort of been the fan favorite since I started playing it out over a year ago, so I’ve been most excited to drop this track out of all the songs on the EP. I’m probably even more excited about the music video which will be coming out soon. I won’t say too much about it aside from the fact that I had about 50 people over for a big ol’ party at my parents’ house, so it’s a pretty fun watch.

Are you looking forward playing at New York’s Arlene’s Grocery?
I am totally looking forward to my show at Arlene’s on the 31st! It’s one of my favorite spots on the Lower East Side that really feels like a rock club and sounds great. We have our friends of the band Narc Twain kicking off the show at 9pm which I couldn’t be more excited about because they’re truly one of my favorite bands in NYC right now. That show will also serve as the music video release party, so I’m excited to bring back together everyone who participated in and worked on the video.

What is the music scene like in New York?
I think the music scene in NYC is so diverse but at the same time, it can be such a small world. I feel lucky to have fallen into a great community of writers, players, and bands that truly feels engaged and supportive. That being said, I know there’s a large part of the NY scene that I have yet to really explore – in a city like New York, there’s always so much new stuff happening at once and that’s exciting.

If you could work with any artist or band on a new song, who would it be and why?
That is a tough question! I’m actually pretty obsessed at the moment with the band PWR BTTM and I think that could be a very cool collaboration. They have a similarly punky vibe and they both (Ben and Liv) shred some really creative guitar riffs. I love their new song “Answer My Text.” It’s pretty tongue in cheek and pretty hilarious. I’d like to think that some tunes on my EP make a similar impression.

What has been your proudest moment to date?
To be honest, when the lyrics for the bridge of “Parents’ House” came to me I was like….damnit that’s good. I’d say that song in itself is what I’m most proud of so far.

What has been your funniest moment on tour?
Well it wasn’t very funny at the time but I left my wallet in a gas station bathroom on the way to a house party gig at Penn State last month and didn’t realize it until after we played the show and started to drive home! The funny and honestly very embarrassing part of the story is that I, social-media-obsessed as I can tend to be, took a silly little boomerang video of myself dancing in the mirror of the bathroom. We were almost at Penn State and I was excited. Can you blame me? Anyway, you can see my wallet on the sink in the video and that’s where it stayed – I must have walked right out of the bathroom more concerned about my witty Instagram caption than holding onto my cash and cards…..Luckily a nice guy named Cliff had it Fed-Ex’ed back to me. So I’d like to give a big shout out here to Cliff at the Pilot gas station in Drums, Pennsylvania!

Interview: Trigon talks latest single


There is something special and magical about the three-piece band (often called a power trio, and there is indeed, special power in three!). You need only think of such bands as Venom, Cream, Whiplash, Taste, Motorhead, Bathory and Celtic Frost for proof. For in a power trio there is a purity of essence, the band’s vision honed to razor-like intensity.

TRIGON are inspired by artists as diverse as Volbeat, Crobot, David Wilcox, System of a Down, Nirvana, Megadeth, Black Sabbath and Slayer, yet already they have forged their own unique sound.

Check out TRIGON‘s new single / tribute to the most scariest villain on the planet! Freddy Kreuger Nightmare.  Their debut album Fed Up due out soon on March 24th.

We managed to catch up with the band as they talk about the upcoming album and more!

So how has the release of your single Nightmare gone?

The release was good we got a lot of compliment and good feedback

Tell us a little bit about the single

I think the song explains itself a lot the riff is magical  if you listen to it with your eyes close you can really imagine yourself dreaming away and suddenly   that sweet dream turns into a nightmare and why not make it about Freddy Krueger since we’re going in that direction, you never Know this could be the theme song to a new Nightmare on Elms street movie

How pumped are to release your debut album ‘Fed Up’ this month?

We are pretty pumped for the release  a lot of peoples are anxious to ear our album especially  the ones that haven’t been to our shows and for the ones who did see us before  they cant wait to learn the songs so they can sing with us at the next gigs

How long did it take you to record this?

The album took about 35 to 40 hours to record but that doesn’t include mixing and mastering. the recording went pretty fast because we played the songs so many time because we practiced 2 to 3 times a week for 3 months.

What does it mean to you guys when fans listen to your music?

Knowing that people listens our stuff warms  our hearts there was so much hard work and hours going in this album to ear that fans are listening to it must mean we did a good job

If you could work with any band on new song, who would it be and why?

Maybe Volbeat would be a great band to work with because we have very similar styles ( good riffs and god vocals)

Who has the best fashion sense out of the band?

hahaha best fashion in the band I think  the clothes we wear is pretty regular  but theres always a member with a Trigon shirt that’s for sure

What has been your proudest moment to date?

Our proudest moment would probably be all the people telling us  we should be the headliner instead of opening band the vibe we give is pretty hard to top off  and of course the album release is something to be proud of like not everyone get to accomplish that in there life time

What has been you funniest moment while recording the album?

Our funniest thing in the studio with Trigon mmmmmm hard to remember so much stuff happened in there that I don’t know where to begin I know that 1 point Emanuel and Corey were getting tanned 98% naked on the deck in the month of April

Will there be a tour to go with the release of the album?

I don’t think a tour will coming soon because we all have family’s with full time jobs but for sure we will attack some new cities on the weekends for now until maybe a big opportunity knocks at our door.

Interview: Scott Darlow talks upcoming single!


Although a new face, Indiginous rocker Scott Darlow has already had an impact in Australia. His debut single Solid Rock (A Goanna cover) went viral last January; it’s video featured a mixture of Australians from all backgrounds flying the Aboriginal flag, and was shared across social media  stacking up 30,000 plays in it’s first weeks, creating a powerful statement for Indiginous Australia’s unheard voice.

Music has been a constant rhythm in Scotts life. First learning the Cornet at five, then graduating to a multi Intrumentalist mastering Trombone, saxophone, clarinet, didgeridoo, piano and guitar as he grew.

Darlows Aboriginal heritage is never far from his heart, with the Didgeridoo forming a key part of his sound and musical identity, when the seconed single Sorry was released it became the most played track on Australian radio in the month of Febuary 2016, and reached reaching 6th on the countries Itunes chart.

hoping to spread his message of love, hope and unity  worldwide with his this single, Down like Flies has potentual to become an anthem for the down trodden and forgotten. Spreading the ever important message of never losing hope even when the odds seem stacked against you.

We managed to catch up with Scott as talked about the latest single and more!

So how has ‘Down Like Flies’ gone so far with fans?

It’s been really cool – to be honest often as a songwriter you just are too close to The songs to know – but it’s big live and is definitely a fan favourite. We opened our festival slot in Melbourne last week to a couple
Of thousand with it – and the minute the guitars come in big, they’re all jumping and going off!

Are you looking forward to releasing this to the UK?

Absolutely!! I’m Aboriginal from my mums side – but my dad’s side of the family were Scottish convicts! I’m stoked to have a 200 year long homecoming!!!

Can you tell us anything about the track?

Down like flies is a song that I wrote after spending a day in a juvenile maximum security prison – mentoring young offenders. And it’s really a song that’s calling out to my Aboriginal people – that we need to take our future in our hands and make positive choices for ourselves and our kids.

Will there be an EP or album released this year?

It was released on November and is called Sorry. The album was premiered in AUSTRALIA exclusively by Rolling Stone Magazine!

If you could work with any artist or band on a new song, who would it be and why?

Switchfoot – a San Diego band that just rock! I love em!!

What has been your proudest moment to date?

Musically? Probably a song I wrote called Hold On – a couple of years ago for a friend of mine – Sonia- she was real sick with cancer. She was real crook, and needed money due to not being able to work. A young mum and wife. I wrote a song called “hold on” and recorded it with Aussie artists Silvie paladino (she spent 2 years starring in Les Mis in the west end) and a Sony artist Fatai who had a huge online following – and then we put on a benefit concert for Sonia. We raised over $10K and streamed the show back to her live in London where she was living at the time. We had 400 people who knew and loved her come and support her and send her love that night and she got to see it all. Sadly she passed away a week later – but the amazing gift of being able to let her know how loved She was – and raise all that cash that’s now invested for her son – was something I’m so humbled and honoured to have been allowed to do. I’ve had songs that have been hit radio singles in Australia – but that kind of “success” pales compared to what we did that night.

Will you be announcing any shows soon?

Yes! Hoping to be in South Africa and the UK in September! We’ve just been added to a bunch of radio stations in SA and are believing this single and the next will really resonate with UK fans – and can’t wait to bring our Aussie rock to the motherland!

What is the rock scene like in Australia?

It’s really cool. There have always been iconic Aussie rock bands – from midnight oil to men at work to AC/DC to Jet –
There are always killer shows on and radio have been super supportive of my music out here! It’s a fertile place for artists!

Interview: Black Map talk latest album

 Black Map 2.png
Black Map creates music driven by the pulse of their early genesis as a trio who packed itself into a rehearsal room with pure intentions, a 12-pack and a boundary-smashing lack of prohibitions or rules. Their commitment is to each other, to what feels right; to meditation on big riffs that lurch and churn, dripping with atmosphere, powering bold and evocative statements.
The band is the union of three established Northern California rock musicians, driven by a shared dedication to big riffs, big drums and powerful, straight-ahead, all enveloping rock n’ roll. Black Map consists of the versatile voice and walloping bass groove of Ben Flanagan (Trophy Fire), the wall-ofsound big riff histrionics of guitarist Mark Engles (dredg) and the unstoppable driving force and tasteful skill of drummer Chris Robyn (Far).
Black Map recently released their album In Droves recently, check out No Color below!

We managed to catch up with the band as they talked about the release, upcoming tour and more!

So how pumped are you for the release of In Droves?
Extremely pumped. We are really proud of it.
Tell us a little bit about the album
It’s a pretty ambitious album I think. We go to a lot of different musical places and really didn’t let ourselves be confined by any sound or scene or sonic pallet. The only ‘rule’ was that the songs had to be great, but outside of that we let ourselves follow down some cool paths. A lot of the record, lyrically is about steering away from conventional norms and following your own creative path and spirit and I think that the music is connected to that kind of ideology. Of course at the end of the day it’s a rock record, but we love the different roads that it travels.
What is your favourite song from the record?
It changes for me all the time. Today it’s probably the last track on the album “Coma Phase”. It’s about 7 minutes long and is just a total beast. we haven’t played it live outside of our rehearsal spot or the studio yet and are prepping it for tour. Excited to perform it!
How has ‘No Color’ gone down with fans so far?
Really well I think. We released 3 songs (Run Rabbit Run, Ruin and No Color) to fans before the album came out and all of them have gotten a really positive response. No Color, is probably the ‘oldest’ song on In Droves and we’ve been playing it live for couple years now so It’s one of the couple songs that people had actually heard before the album was released.
Are you looking forward to be supporting Nothing More in April/May?
Yes absolutely. They are a really cool band and it will just be really great to play in front of a lot of their fans and try and win them over. From what I’ve seen they put on an epic live show and it’s always really inspiring and challenging to go on right before a band that crushes it live. We’ve been dealing with that every Chevelle tour and it makes you such a better band when you know such a good band is coming up next.
Will there be a headline tour announced in support of the new album?

We will be doing some headlining dates on days off on the Nothing More tour but we have no proper headlining tour booked at the moment. We will be heading out with Chevelle again in the summer and playing some American festivals as well. We are very much hoping to make it over to Europe in the fall!
If you could work with any band on a new song, who would it be and why?

Probably Guy Garvey and Elbow. I know they are way more mellow than we are but I just love their songwriting and atmosphere so much. We have this ambient side of our music with songs like “white fence” and “dead ringer” that juxtaposes the heavy stuff and they are definitely an influence for that color of the band.
What were each of yours first ever gigs? 
My first show was my 6th grade talent show in Durham North Carolina. We played ‘Lithium’ by Nirvana. It was pretty good considering. I forgot to turn the tone nob on my guitar up and it sounded incredibly muffled. The name of our group was “The Dorkestra”.
Our drummer Chris’s first gig was direct support for NOFX in early 1991 at Davis, CA Veteran’s Hall. Gone Black was the band name. They didn’t have a vocalist and the guitarist’s head blew a fuse during second song. Chris did his first and last ever, drum solo while issue was identified. NOFX didn’t want to loan them a fuse for the head and told them to get the fuck off the stage (one of my favorite bands regardless.)
Chris’s mom was at the show, witnessed stage diving and pits for the first time during their song and a half set. She believed everyone was fighting and would tell him the day after the show over the phone, that he was not allowed to ever play another show.
What has been your proudest moment to date?
It’s not so much a moment but I am just proud that this band actually exists. I know that may sound strange but this group really started off by us admiring each others music and we just got in a room and started playing together. I really did not anticipate we would have a record out all over the world and be touring with big bands have a song on the radio and all that stuff, It’s kind of surreal.

Interview: HOLDN talks upcoming single


New York City’s own self-proclaimed ‘rhythmic disciple’, HOLDN has made quite the arrival upon her first step into pop music with her debut single, BURN She brings a full plate of emotion and honesty with a sharp-toothed side of unapologetic wit to the pop table, while graciously luring you in with her mysterious aesthetic and soulful, yet haunting, melodies. Hailing from the alt-rock world, she has previously stepped into the spotlight at festivals such as Vans Warped Tour & Skate and Surf Festival and onto stages across the country including Webster Hall, Starland Ballroom, and many more. She is tasteful, yet daring; but also shockingly enough, HOLDN is an ‘alter ego’ who just so happens to be herself in its most revealing form.

We managed to catch up with HOLDN as she talks about the upcoming single and more!

So how pumped are you to be releasing ‘Burn’?

‘Burn’ is a song that has been a long time coming. It collected some dust for a while before it became what it is, but I am beyond excited to have something as special as ‘Burn’ is to me to release as my first impression to you all.

So how long did it take to create the music video?

The concept for the music video actually came to me in the middle of the night. I woke up abruptly out of a dream and suddenly had this idea and wrote it down in the notes on my phone. I vaguely remember waking up in the middle of the night later that day, but something was telling me to look at the notes on my phone and there it was. An entire concept for a video penned at 3:31 AM. Once I had the idea, the planning and execute took just over two months.

Can you tell us a little bit about the song?

‘Burn’ was written during a fairly dark period of my life. It was my first real experience with someone abruptly exiting my life with no rhyme or reason. I never got an explanation, but I did somehow translate the feeling I had into this song at a time when I felt I couldn’t even explain to myself how I was feeling. It’s about this person staying within close enough proximity to see you suffering and for them to simply not care, yet still watch. The best thing I can compare it to was feeling as if I was unknowingly drenched in gasoline and this person tossed a match, ran far away enough to not get burned, but stayed close enough to watch it happen.

Will you be releasing a EP/Album anytime soon?

An EP is in the works! I am always writing. I am always collaborating. I am always creating. It’s a very personal and therapeutic outlet for me.

If you could work with any artist or band on a new song, who would it be and why?

Sara Bareilles. Hands down. Sara is an extremely special artist who articulates feeling in a way that creates such realistic imagery that it spikes a feeling in your senses. I admire that and strive to do that in my own way.

What has been your proudest moment to date?

My proudest moment has probably been wrapping everything (song,video, release) on ‘Burn’. It seems so surreal to me to finally have something that accurately depicts who I have become and what my brain has been up to these last few years.

What has been your funniest moment on tour?

I have so many funny tour stories, but the one that probably takes the cake was when everyone on the tour bought a few jars of some real moonshine from some random garage looking liquor store in Nashville and we all ended up about a mile up the road at a Miley Cyrus concert. It was one of the most hilarious, fun nights of my life. My best friend, Zach, and I still periodically send photos to each other from that night.

What does it mean to you when fans listen to your music?

Everything! It seriously means everything. Even if my music is something that isn’t for you and you gave me a shot, I appreciate you. If it is for you, thank you. I appreciate you too! If it wasn’t for the people listening to the music, i’d never have anyone to connect with or anyone to relate to.