Interview: The Weight of Atlas

The weight of atlas
The Weight of Atlas

Scottish metalcore combo The Weight Of Atlas return with a formidable new
video single, entitled The Art Of Letting Go, out Friday 5th May.

The Weight Of Atlas are a talented post-hardcore quartet who deliver
monstrous riffs, contagious refrains, and ambient interludes that are framed
with orchestral nuances. The inventive riff slingers, offering a unique and
diverse take on the metalcore label, tower over the pack, possessing an
astute ability to adeptly fuse and combine genres. The band extract
influence from a host of areas, from the ferocity of Devil Wears Prada and
the shimmering atmospherics and potency of Deftones, through to the guile of

In 2015, USA label We Are Triumphant snapped up the band and released their
debut EP, Reflections. The release announced their arrival and garnered much
critical praise, as well as shaping a hugely active fanbase that genuinely
supports and interacts with the band. The Weight Of Atlas have worked
tirelessly to support the EP on the road, where crowds are consistently
blown away by their sheer intensity and raw power.

The Weight Of Atlas now unveil plans for their new video single The Art Of
Letting Go, which is taken from their forthcoming debut album out later this
year. The Art Of Letting Go is a powerful statement and charts the
fivesome’s maturity and growth. With UK and EU touring penned for the latter
part of the year, 2017 will be the band’s breakout year. Check out a Taylor Swift cover the band released of Style below!

We managed to catch up with the band as they talked about the upcoming single, album and more!

How pumped are you for the release The Art Of Letting Go?

Ridiculously! And very nervous too. ‘The Art Of Letting Go’ is a big step up from anything we’ve ever released to date, it’s definitely the most honest.( – Lewis Brodie, Guitarist)

Can you tell us anything about the single?

‘The Art Of Letting Go’ is a journey. The message of this song is essentially one of hope. It’s about realising that whatever the circumstance you find yourself in be it a career, relationship or any other aspect of your life. In my experience it was easy to accept things for how they were, that it wasn’t in my power to change anything. I think that’s a really dangerous thing. The reality is that change doesn’t have to come in the form of a miracle it’s something you can do in the moment but it requires a strong resolve. That’s what this song is to me. ( – Gavin Duncan, Vocalist Guitarist)

Can you tell us anything about the upcoming album?

While ‘The Art Of Letting Go’ is by far one of the most mature song we’ve written, you’d be wrong if you thought for a second the rest of this album isn’t some of the most heavy material we’ve ever written. I can’t wait to play these live!( – Lewis Brodie, Guitarist)

What has been your funniest moment while recording the new video?

We recorded the performance shots in the old Grove Academy’s Gym. We ended up playing football with a roll of electric tape. I’m not entirely sure why to be honest, but it did feel entirely like being back at school again. I can tell you straight away that the 7am shots from the freezing to bits Law (hill) in Dundee, on 2 hours sleep were absolutely not the funnest part of that video. Never again.( – Lewis Brodie, Guitarist)

If you could work with any band on a new song, who would it be and why?

Our good friends in A Plea, A Promise. It would be sick to collaborate on something with them.( – Lewis Brodie, Guitarist)

What is the rock scene like in Scotland?

Intimate, Scotland is not a large place at all. Yet, we always seem to find great support here and are surrounded with many amazing talents we’re lucky enough to call our friends.( – Lewis Brodie, Guitarist)

Can you tell us anything about the UK and Europe tour?

Unfortunately no! We do have plans from summer onwards, that’s all I can say.( – Lewis Brodie, Guitarist)

What has been your proudest moment to date?

I suppose playing with Funeral For a Friend. My dad got me into FFAF when I was like 8 or 9? Ridiculously young anyway. I would run around at playtime with my CD player, my dad had made me custom CDs to listen to. Everything from Green Day to Fall Out Boy to Funeral For a Friend. My dad gave my first guitar too. I suppose everything just came full circle then, supporting Funeral For a Friend with my dad there watching. I bet he never thought that would have happened when he gave an 9 year old a CD. I’m glad he did.  – Lewis Brodie, Guitarist)

Interview: Rhino’s Revenge

In a rare break from his day job as the bass player with Status Quo, John ‘Rhino’  Edwards goes on the road for a run of 5 UK dates as Rhino’s Revenge and promises a night of ‘straight ahead good time noisy rock and roll performed by an ace band’.
That band now includes FM’s lead guitarist Jim Kirkpatrick and Uriah Heep’s drummer Russell Gilbrook, who join regulars Rhino and Matthew Starritt to complete a stellar line up.
In support of the shows, Rhino’s Revenge is releasing a heavyweight double A-side single featuring a new edit of Take ‘em Down and Famous.
Both songs are taken from the band’s second album, Rhino’s Revenge II, which has now been released as an extremely limited edition vinyl pressing of just 300 copies, each autographed and sequentially numbered by Rhino.
Check out Rhino’s Revenge’s new single Take ‘Em Down below!

We caught up with the John as he talked about the upcoming tour, latest music and more!

So you’ve got five dates booked for next month, what venues are you most looking forward to playing?

None in particular, a show is a show, I’m looking forward to them all. That said, we’re doing a show in Holland in a venue called Ma Kelly’s which is basically a shrine to Status Quo.Rhino’s Revenge played there a few times before and it’s
always a bit special.

Are you looking forward to meeting some fans who have bought VIP tickets?

Look, I’m impressed to have any fans! If a few of them want to pay for the privilege of meeting me, that’s absolutely fine, it means they love me that little bit more. Remember kids, if your parents don’t buy you VIP tickets for us they don’t love you..
It’s just the way things have gone in the music business, I’m not in favour of it to be honest, but if you want that personal touch, unfortunately sometimes it costs a bit more.

How has the release of Take ’em Down gone so far with fans?

It’s not especially typical of the album, which incidentally is imaginatively entitled Rhino’s Revenge 2, as it’s, guess what, my second album. It’s a bit too heavy, quite a bit too heavy for a lot of Quo fans, so generally amongst them it’s gone down like a lead balloon and I’m not surprised. It’s quite a metal thing, and the lyrical content is somewhat radical compared to the Quo material. But it seems to be getting a fair amount of interest and is starting to pick up airplay, so maybe we’re doing something right at Revenge Towers. It doesn’t sound retro or classic rock, I can assure you of that!

Can you tell us a little bit about the song?

It’s about the battle for a town called Kobane, as seen through the eyes of the Kurdish defenders . If you want to know what it’s all about, there’s a lyric video on my Facebook page, you can also find it at It’s serious stuff folks.

How pleased are you to be working with FM’s lead guitarist Jim Kirkpatrick and
Uriah Heep’s drummer Russell Gilbrook in the band?

To say I’m thrilled would be an understatement. I called Russell to see if he knew any drummers as I’m a massive fan of his playing with Uriah Heep. I was sure he’d be busy so I didn’t bother actually asking him, but then he said,“what about me? I’d love to do it, let’s see if we can make it work”. It turned out Heep are off the road for a few months, so that was it, a real no brainer.
Same thing exactly happened with Jim. I called my mate Merv Goldsworthy, the bass player of FM, a band we’ve toured with before, for some guitarist numbers, and Jim said the same as Russell. I’m immensely flattered to have players of their calibre and experience on board, it’s going to be amazing.

How different is it to be playing with this band rather than Status Quo?

Well, I’m the act for a start, so I pretty much decide what we’re going to play. For instance, I’ll play a few Quo songs, some of which are pretty obscure, but I’ll also cover Paper Plane, because it’s my favourite song by the band. I’ll also feature quite of few of the songs from Rhino Revenge 1 and 2, a couple of which haven’t been performed since 2001, you’ve been warned.
And of course the smaller venues, I love playing to people standing 2 feet way. You have to be confident,there’s no big rock show, and if they think you’re shit they just go and stand at the back or leave, it’s pretty obvious if they don’t like you. Or maybe they left their dinner on, that’s what I like to think anyway. Not that people walk out all the time!!

What has been your proudest moment to date as a musician?

Having a career doing the one thing I excel at, and adored more than anything until I had children. The down side was missing large parts of their growing up

Can you remember the first gig you ever attended?

The most influential gig I ever attended, which was one of the first, was Free at Richmond athletic ground on November 7th, 1969. I walked in there a lead guitarist and walked out a bass player. Andy Fraser completely blew my mind, he’s still my favourite ever bassist.
I think my first gig was at the Albert Hall in London to see the Beatles.That was the plan, but my dad couldn’t handle the screaming so we left early. Bummer huh?

What has been the funniest moment you have had on tour?

Nothing really translates to print, but I will say that the late great Rick Parfitt, the funniest man I ever met, made me weep with laughter on so many occasions. Writing this and thinking about him makes me smile, which is nice. I miss him.

Do you find it different playing at Festivals to live venues?

Festivals are good because you get to see a lot of other bands, onstage and backstage. Some of them are great, some of them are twats, but it’s a great way to spend a day, and I don’t have to camp!
Touring is a different ball game, there’s much more discipline involved, but I am a total road dog, I love the travelling. Basically it’s all good, I’ve achieved nearly everything I wanted in my life, I am one of the happiest and most satisfied people I know.
That’s yer lot.


Rhino’s Revenge 5-date UK tour  
May 5:    The Iron Road, Evesham.
May 12:  100 Club, London.
May 13:  The Holbrook Club, Horsham.
May 18:  Bootleggers, Kendal.
May 20  Ivory Blacks, Glasgow.

Interview: Rosen Bridge talk latest single


North Wales Metalcore Quintet Rosen Bridge have recently released the video for lead single Dreamcatcher. The band consists of Antony Jonesy, Eddie Edwards and Marcus Williams on Guitar, Rowan Jack on Drums and William Roberts on Bass duties. For Dreamcatcher, the follow-up to debut Entropy, the band set out to create a record that would make people feel great. Laying down the release with John Mitchell at Outhouse Studios, the members slept in one van and commuted to the studio each day, ready to work hard. Rosen Bridge self-release Dreamcatcher on 12th May and you can check out the lead single below!

We managed to catch up with the band as they talk about the release of Dreamcatcher and more!

So how has the release of ‘Dreamcatcher’ gone so far?

The response to the single and music video has been really great; it really has made a lot of long time effort worthwhile. I feel we’ve really took things to the next level now and things can only get better from here on out.

So the EP is also coming out next month, how pumped are you for this?

Extremely pumped! We’re very excited to just get the other songs out and show people how we’ve developed since our last endeavor. The release date is not long before we head out on tour so I think it will be interesting to see how many people have enjoyed the songs!

Can you tell us anything about the release?

The release date is May 12th, which gives us just over a week to show everyone what we’ve recorded before we begin our UK tour; it’s been so difficult having to wait up to this point to show everyone our work because we’re so happy with what we’ve done with this release. The artwork for the EP, designed by Victory Over All Design, is something we’ve been psyched about since we first saw it. The artwork captures the feel of the music perfectly and it was a pleasure working with the company. Music-wise, we’ve kept a lot of the heavy elements from our previous EP ‘Entropy’, but the new release is definitely much more varied and includes a lot more of our influences; from Prog-metal, to rock, to punk, to metalcore and so on. That’s partly why we’re so happy with the ‘Dreamcatcher’ EP, because we went into the studio with and open-mind and we loved the results.

What is your favorite song from the EP?

Eddie: It’s actually quite hard to say as all the songs create a fairly different atmosphere to one another. Though I do enjoy “Brand New” because it’s super fun to play live.

Ant:  I’d have to choose “Hold On” because of how important to me the message of the track is, especially the bridge part of the song. I remember after we had received the master track back from the studio, we had spontaneously ended up at “Truck festival” in Oxford that night. Towards the early hours of the morning we had a great night, laughing and joking and just buzzing overall from the completion of our new EP.  After partying out watching “Big Narstie” earlier on in the night, we ended up in Rowan’s car listening to the EP in its entirety on repeat. I remember hearing the bridge for “Hold on” and just really feeling the lyrics from my own experiences within adversity; It’s a song I can really put all my emotion into.

Before Rosen Bridge got together, I had given up on the idea that I could be in a band doing what I loved the most, for a good 5 years and it destroyed me for so long. But somehow I managed to hold on to a miniscule part of my passion for music whilst growing up and it lead me to this band forming. It’s brought much peace and purpose to my life, even just getting to this point we stand now. I will always encourage anyone to do what makes them happy in life, not what you’re told by your teachers or your parents, because it’s you who will live with the rewards or consequence of your efforts. The world inside your head is the only world you will ever know, so keep nourishing it with whatever makes you feel good, not what other people think is good for you.

If you could work with any band on a new song, who would it be and why?

Eddie: Difficult question, but I’d love a feature with a female vocalist, like Kimbra or Elena Tonra from Daughter. I think it would bring such a new dimension to our material

Ant: I’m mostly interested in working with female vocalist/producer Aria Sappho, her choice of melody, lyrics along with such a soothing voice resonates with me to the core. I think we could really get on some unique vibes if we were all to be put in a room together.  Also, obviously completely unrealistic but I’d love to hangout and jam with Pearl Jam. I love Eddie Vedder’s style and would find hearing his voice over some heavier music fused with their grungy rock expertise to be a sound that would interest me.

What were your first ever gigs you went to?

Eddie: Mine was Linkin Park many years ago. Well, technically it was Lost Prophets as they were supporting but that’s definitely awkward now.

Ant: A local grunge band that I idolized as a young teen called “Anubis” was my first experience witnessing live music, in a small village hall in Llanllyfni, North Wales. Being an odd ball in rural North Wales, it wasn’t easy to find people in my age group at the time that was into this kind of thing. These little shows managed to bring out all the rockers of the area to one place and I remember just having so much fun meeting all these new people and hanging out with the band every now and again because they were cool like that. They even got me up on stage not long after I had started playing guitar to play a track with them, and that moment definitely sparked up this passion for music. I will never forget those times.

What do you get up to while not in the band?

Eddie: In my own time, I like to skateboard and just write more music really! With the boys, we tend to have really intense games of Uno.

Ant: I spend a lot of my recreational time wandering the awesome landscapes that surround me. I’m very fond of the lakes here that are tucked away from all the drama of life. The mountains, forests and beaches of course. I enjoy light meditation within these kind of environments, and like to hone in on the lives of the animals and insects going about their day, I try to imagine the reality that they are experiencing during their time here on this earth.  I love campfires and stargazing. I’m just a nature dude y’know.

What was your funniest moment while recording the EP?

Eddie: I think generally the whole situation of recording was a good laugh, because we were staying in Rowan’s Dad’s campervan for the week, which was a constantly hilarious experience. Our mate Dani from Neck Deep hooked us up VIP tickets to Truck Festival on our last day of recording as well, which we just weren’t really expecting, so we sealed off the week with a crazy good time there where we ended up commandeering a yurt that we definitely weren’t supposed to be staying in.

Ant: Spending an entire evening after finishing up at the studio, putting on the most ridiculous Scottish accent’s to anyone we came in contact with. To the point where the barmaid asked one of us “why is there so many Scottish people here?” We laughed a lot that night.

Will there be a tour with the upcoming release?

Sure will be! Tour starts on the 18th of May, the week after the release! We literally can’t wait! There’s still a couple more dates to be announced but so far it’s as follows !

Thu, 18th May – Aatma, Manchester

Fri, 19th May – Foxy’s Lomax, Liverpool

Sat, 20th May – The Saddle, Chester

Mon, 22nd May – Trillian’s Rock Bar, Newcastle

Tue, 23rd May – Subside, Birmingham

Wed, 24th May – Mulberry Tavern, Sheffield

Thu, 25th May – The Bird’s Nest, Deptford

Fri, 26th May – The Harp Restrung, Folkestone

Sun, 28th May – 8 Bit, Swansea

Mon, 29th May – Venue TBC, Cardiff

Tue, 30th May – Venue TBC, Bangor

Volumes premiere new song ‘left For Dead’

unnamed (7).jpg

Los Angeles heavy rock five-piece VOLUMES have premiered the third single, Left For Dead, from their forthcoming Fearless Records debut Different Animals, set to release 9 June.

Digital pre-orders and physical bundle options for Different Animals are available now, which includes an instant download of Left For Dead, On Her Mind (feat. Pouya) and “Feels Good” with each pre-order. The track is also available on iTunes.

Left For Dead explores the idea that ‘all good things come to an end.’ Bassist Raad Soudani explains, ‘One day we all get left for dead. This song is about coming to terms with that hard truth.’

Different Animals track-listing:

1. Waves Control
2. Finite
3. Feels Good
4. Disaster Vehicle
5. Pieces
6. | Interlude |
7. Hope
8. Tide’s Change
9. On Her Mind (feat. Pouya)
10. Heavy Silence
11. Pullin’ Shades
12. Left For Dead

WACO Announce New EP Deathless Released 2nd June on Venn Records

unnamed (2).jpg

Cosmic punks WACO are pleased to announce their return with their forthcoming new EP Deathless set for release through Gallows’ label Venn Records on 2nd June 2017.

To celebrate the news the band have revealed the video for new single Mother Mercy which you can watch below!

WACO will hit the road in May alongside fellow punks Brawlers and Bad Sign for a short run of UK dates that ahve just been announced (details below).

The quartet, hailing from the weirder nooks of the UK (North Yorkshire, Jersey and Coventry), came together through their animalistic compulsion to make noise and their shared goal to brainwash the masses with their relentless optimism.

Speaking about the new EP, the band commented: ‘Deathless is a record about absolution in life and love.

‘It’s a meditation on strange lands and experiences, but familiar emotions. We feel it’s important to come up for air once in a while and re-examine this beautiful, complex life.’

The much anticipated follow-up to last year’s Uprise, the new record sees the London quartet boldly meld ‘70s rock influences with punk, psych and even gospel influences across the five tracks, perfectly framing front man Jak Hutchcraft’s raw, Northern storytelling and packed full of grit and honesty.

Following a big year in 2016 supporting Juliette Lewis & The Licks on a tour of Europe, their own headline UK tour and bringing pandemonium to Reading Festival and 2000 Trees, they show no signs of slowing as they plough through another UK headline tour this Spring, collecting heads and hearts wherever they play.

Their last release, double A-side 7″ single Wrangler, was released through Banquet Records and received BBC Radio 1 play from Zane Lowe, Huw Stephens, Phil Taggart and on Dan P Carter’s Rock Show.

Deathless is released 2nd June 2017 via Venn Records

WACO 2017 Live Dates w/ Brawlers + Bad Sign:

02.05.17 – London – The Black Heart (18+)
04.05.17 – Leeds – Brudenell Social Club (14+)
05.05.17 – Birmingham – Subside (18+)

DEATH REMAINS release ‘Hardships’ video

unnamed (8).jpg

Metal/hardcore five-piece DEATH REMAINS have released new video, Hardships, taken from their forthcoming album Destroy/Rebuild.

Destroy/Rebuild has received great reviews across the board, including Metal Hammer who proclaim the ‘Metallic Hardcore crew crank up the riffage’ and Rock Sound who state that their second album is ‘Another serving of earth-shattering metalcore’.

Destroy/Rebuild will be released via Transcend Music on 28 April, and the band are celebrating with a launch show on the 27 April at the Fighting Cocks in Kingston. The band will also be appearing at the official UK Hellfest party at the New Cross Inn on 11 May at the New Cross Inn.


Tech-metallers BORDERS reveal ‘Analyst’ video

unnamed (9).jpg

Lincoln tech-metallers BORDERS have released the video for their latest single ‘Analyst’, taken from their new EP Diagnosed which is out now.

The quartet premiered the video via their Facebook page, check it out here:

Buy the single here.

Having utterly obliterated the stages at UK Tech-Fest, Deadbolt and Mosh On The Tyne, as well as sharing the stage with the likes of Decapitated and Heart Of A Coward, Borders have upped the ante with Diagnosed, creating an even more ominous and demonic presence.

Their most punishingly dark and sinister record to date featuring new vocalist Jordan “JJ” Olifent, Diagnosed is a short release but apt in its meaning, symbolically referencing drugs, mental health, pharmaceutical companies governed by billion-dollar corporate industries, media manipulation and corruption with unique twists and messages in the lyrics. This delves deeper into personal stories and tragedies, which when factored into the already ferocious music, suggests the fire of Borders has only just been lit.

Live Review: Think Floyd at Portsmouth’s New Theatre Royal

Think Floyd 2
Think Floyd

Pink Floyd tribute act Think Floyd entertained a packed out Portsmouth crowd at New Theatre Royal on Friday night as they played a mixture of the band’s classic hits. With the act starting off with more earlier songs, they played Shine On You Crazy Diamond which was a big highlight on the night. Lewis Hall on Bass, Richard Morse on Guitar, Steven Farmer on Drums and Kirk McLeod on Keyboards all put in 110% on the night as Pink Floyd fans seemed to love every minute of it. At the beginning of the second half of the set, the band played Hey You which was a real treat for everyone at the venue. Think Floyd continued with some classics including The Hero’s Return and Coming Back To Life as the lights shined throughout their glorious set. Think Floyd left the crowd wanting and shouting for more as they gave in and sung another song for the crowd. They finished on Comfortably Numb which in my opinion was the best song to finish the night on. Overall it was a superb night that every single person in the venue enjoyed, this was truly the next best thing to Pink Floyd.

Scottish metalcore quartet From Sorrow To Serenity release new single

unnamed (6)

Scottish metalcore troupe From Sorrow To Serenity have today released their thunderous new single Golden Age.

Golden Age is the first new material from the band this year following their stunning debut full-length, Remnant of Humanity, released Spring 2016. Featuring Thy Art Is Murder‘s CJ McMahon, the album received critical acclaim worldwide and attention from Metal Hammer, Rock Sound, Metal Injection and more besides. Hand picked by Fit For An Autopsy to support on their UK tour, the band also played UK Tech-Fest last summer.

Watch the band live:

30.04.17 – Derby // The Hairy Dog (with Martyr Defiled)

Headline tour: (with support from Lotus Eater)
08.05.17 – Birmingham // Subside
09.05.17 – Newcastle // Jumpin’ Jacks
10.05.17 – Hull // O’Riley’s
11.05.17 – Manchester // Satan’s Hollow
12.05.17 – Edinburgh // Opium
13.05.17 – Glasgow // The Garage Attic
02.06.17 – London // Boston Music Rooms (with Within Destruction)

Rockers Skarlett Riot release new single/video ‘Feel’

unnamed (3)

UK rockers SKARLETT RIOT have released their new video for single Feel – out today, via Despotz Records.

Feel is the first taste of a rejuvenated Skarlett Riot ahead of the band’s new full-length release, set for this Autumn. Serving as a reintroduction to the band, Feel was remastered at the legendary Abbey Road studios. The highly emotive track and video showcases the band at their best, hard-hitting and led by frontwoman Skarlett’s stunning vocals. Stay tuned for more news from the band as they hit the studio in May to record the rest of their upcoming full-length.

Skarlett Riot have achieved an impressive amount from their most recent release, their EP Sentience. Drawing praise from Rock Sound and Kerrang! magazines, the band have wowed audiences at Download Festival, Reading and Leeds, Bloodstock Open Air, Hard Rock Hell, and many more. They’ve also shared stages with the likes of Funeral For A Friend, Deaf Havana, The Darkness, and Kamelot.

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