Interview: Plastic Barricades

Romantic and honest, gloomy and curious, melodic and melancholic, Plastic Barricades chronicle life in the troubled yet fascinating XXI century with painstaking sincerity, asking questions and trying to find the answers. Inspired and influenced by almighty Radiohead, Oasis, The Shins, Biffy Clyro, Coldplay, Muse, Razorlight, Nirvana and many others, band loves to experiment with styles, sound and approach.

Based in North-West London, Plastic Barricades are Dan Kert on guitar, keyboards and vocals, Daniele Borgato on bass and Frazer Webster on drums.

The band recently released their album Mechanics of Life and a music video for a track from this release titled How Goldfish Grow which you can check out below!


We managed to catch up with Dan Kert as he talked about the latest release and more!
So how has your debut album ‘Mechanics of Life’ gone so far with fans?
We’ve been overwhelmed with the response we are getting from all around the world. It is exciting to be heard and understood not just here, in UK, but also in Europe, USA and Australia.
Tell us something about the album no one knows?
It was released on the 14th of September, 5 years to the day since I’ve moved to London.
If you could work with any band on a new song, who would it be and why?
I would love to write a heavy in-your-face track with dear Simon Neil and Biffy Clyro. Then chill for a bit and write a thought-provoking melancholic anthem with Death Cab for Cutie. Then do an EDM number with Coldplay and a rock-opera with Muse.
How has your single How Goldfish Grow gone?
It is a fun track to play live, people relate to the message and are ready to dance their socks off. It has been closing most of our recent tour gigs.
Tell us a bit about the track
If you put a goldfish into a big tank – it will grow big. If you find a huge tank for it – it will be MASSIVE! The environment affects the size of the goldfish, the same way as our environment affects our own growth. We have an animated music video for this song as well.:
Are you looking forward to your tour in October?
Oh yes, touring is always fun. Exploring the country in a van, with your best mates in the back (sleeping on the floor during night drives) and all your gear ready to blow heads off. A dream-come-true.
What venue are you most looking forward to playing?
To be honest, every gig we play is a different experience every time, so I don’t think we’ve got any preferences. We are open to new adventures and play every show as if it is the fifth day on Wembley.
How did your launch party go last Saturday?
Proud Camden is probably one of the best venues in London that we’ve ever played, they’ve recently upgraded the live rig as well. Great sound, very talented bands (including incredible Voksal – have a listen!) and a lot of excitement for the days ahead.