Album Review: The Professionals – What in the World

Post-Punk Pop titans The Professionals return with their first studio release in Thirty Six years – By Guy Shankland. Along with original members Paul Cook (Sex Pistols) and Paul Myers the duo have recruited Tom Spencer (The Yo-Yo’s, Urban Voodoo Machine) along with Chris McCormack (3 Colours Red) who completes the 2017 touring lineup. Founding member Steve (Sex Pistol) Jones declined the offer to rejoin but gave the band his blessing and plays guitar on three of the album’s tracks, including the un-mistakable Professionals sounding album opener. ‘Good Man Down’ jogs into view through three decades of fog and washes away any uneasy cobwebs of apprehension with a refreshing new wave of plucky Post-Punk. WITW has a variable who’s who of guest appearances including Phil Cohen, Marco Pirroni, Billy Duffy, Mick Jones, Chris McCormack, Victoria Liedtke and of course Steve Jones. Tom Spencer melodically gruffs and growls his way into the songs while the drums have Paul Cook’s distinctive beat. Second track ‘Lets Go’ has a motoring backbone which is snapped over the neurotic outside knee of The Professionals 2017. ‘Rewind’, ‘Going, Going, Gone’ and the atmospheric ‘Extremadura’ all captivate with a toe-tapping, head waving familiarity that is simultaneously modernistic yet reassuringly nostalgic. The catchy ‘Hats Off’ features Guns ’N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan while Marco Pirroni dusts off his guitar on the part Punk part Pop ‘New Generation’. A ploddish ’Bad Baby’ is left in the dust cloud of album closer, the foot down, full speed, balls out Rock ’N’ Roll of ’Monkeys’. The Professionals circa 2017 have managed to capture the essence and sound of the early Eighties while remaining refreshingly relevant. This album is full on New Wave, Melodic Punk, Pop-infused perfection, played with an honesty and heart that is simply missing from so many modern day releases. You can’t keep a good band down.

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