Interview: The Rocking Horse Club talk latest single

The Rocking Horse Club recently tried to write a song that is a brutal Kung Fu attack on the senses, stitching together race, gender, sexuality, and good old rock n’ roll.
Formed in Brighton in 2015, The Rocking Horse Club have been doing this and that ever since, including an EP We’ve Been The Rocking Horse Club in 2016, and festival appearances at Truck, YNOT, and Together The People. Their latest singler Straight White Man was recorded in January 2017 with the producer of Demob Happy’s album Christoph Skirl, alongside 6 other yet to be released tracks. The band have been creating quite a stir lately with the music video which has gone viral on Facebook – check it out below!

We managed to catch with Ed, Adam, Vickie and Chilles as they talk about their latest controversial song, new music and more!

So how has the release of Straight White Man gone so far?
It has certainly made waves! We’ve had love and hate for it in equal parts, a lot of ridiculously abusive comments! We seem to have angered a lot of straight white men, but we’ve also had lots of people tell us how much they love it, so it’s definably polarising.

Tell us a bit about the single no one knows?
No one knows that I secretly played Romeo from The Magic Numbers’ guitar on the track. They were in the studio next to us and his beautiful guitar was just sitting there… Romeo is the loveliest guy, hopefully if he’s reading this he’ll forgive me!

Is this any different to your previous EP?
Yeah, it’s different in lots of ways! This is the first record we’ve made with Vickie on the bass and she’s really elevated the whole thing.
The songs this time round are a lot angrier and a lot more political, I guess in the past I would have been scared to make my voice heard like that but on this record I just said ‘fuck it’, I’m angry and I’ve got something to say.

Can you tell us anything more about upcoming music?
We’ve got another single on the way called Sugar Pills after this, and then another single after that. Provided we don’t get murdered by the “alt-right”.

If you could work with any band on a new song, who would it be and why?
Anything with Dave Grohl on the drums! Every record he drums on is solid gold – Nirvana, QOTSA, Tenacious D, the first Foos record. If you get Dave Grohl on the drums you can’t fail.

So have you got any upcoming shows this year planned?
We’ve got some stuff in the works, nothing announced yet though!

What do you guys get up to in your spare time while not recording music?
I can’t speak for the other guys in the band, but the three things that dominate my time at the moment would be
1) Settlers Of Catan a completely wicked and not-at-all-nerdy board game
2) The new series of Twin Peaks. It’s the best.
3) My cat Stevie. He was named after Stevie Nicks but we found out he was a dude so now he’s Stevie Wonder

What’s the alternative music scene like in Brighton at the moment?
Yeah, it’s pretty sweet! Loads of good bands, loads of great venues and loads of lovely people. We got a lot of our favourite bands in the music video for Straight White Man – PUSSYLIQUOR, The Meow Meows, Penelope Isles, Tilda Allie to name a few!