Live Review: Silverstein at Southampton’s Talking Heads


Friday evening, we got invited to watch Silverstein at the Talking Heads in Southampton on their headline tour supported by Hail The Sun and Griever.
We arrived during sound check to which we were ushered into the green room area to do an interview with the frontman from Silverstein, Shane Told. He answered a few burning questions we had, check out the video below:

Unfortunately, with being there so early and coming straight from work, food won on this occasion after the interview and we made it back for the second support. Hail The Sun, signed to Equal Vision Records, gave off this Emo Progressive Post-Hardcore vibe reminding me of bands such as Hawthorne Heights, I the Mighty with a mix of Dashboard Confessional. Definitely worth a check out if you’re into Post-Hardcore.

Hail the Sun

After the support acts had warmed up the crowd, Silverstein entered the stage starting off with an absolute banger of a track, Massachusetts from the Album This is how the wind shifts, released in October 2013. With the low grungy screams and melodic cleans from frontman Shane showed the versatility of his vocal range. Continuing the banging riffs and catchy chords they also played from this album, Stand Amid the Roar.


The night was a smasher, mosh pits formed in the room as people crowd surfed and sung back the memorable lyrics to the band. Playing a selection of older songs from various albums that evening such as; Smile in Your Sleep, Call It Karma, My Heroine and title track of the album Discovering the Waterfront released in August 2005, The Artist from the Rescue Album released in April 2011, Broken Stars and Vices from A Shipwreck in the sand album released in March 2009, SOS released in February 2012 from their Short Songs Album which includes some awesome covers so if you can check it out. Also Smashed into Pieces and Bleeds No More from their Album When Broken Is Easily Fixed released in 2003. Mixing the songs on set with their newly released Album Dead reflection – July 2017 with songs such as Whiplash, Retrograde, Lost Positives, The Afterglow and my all-time favourite Ghost gave a nice all-rounder of their history as a band and a favourite set for hardcore Silverstein fans that evening. Check out a video from the night below.