Interview: Smash Boom Pow talk latest single

Smash Boom Pow recently released their first single Way Too Much from their upcoming EP.
The track premiered at New Noise Magazine – you can listen and share now via Soundcloud below!

The band are a blood brother duo from Vancouver, BC that have been lucky enough to make music a way of life. Ulysses [vocals/guitar] came up with this track to clear some heavy vibes from his atmosphere. It was cathartic and therapeutic all at once, as well as satisfying for him as an indie rock fanboy. The band is completed by drummer Zane and we managed to catch an interview with them which you can see below!

How has the release of Way Too Much gone down so far?
So far so good! It’s been rad seeing a bunch of blogs digging our sound and spreading the word. It’s always a pleasure to share what we’ve been working on with our audience. It’s really exciting seeing the momentum grow from day one to a few weeks down the road!
Tell us something about the single no one knows
 ‘Way Too Much’ was written a while back, but we’ve always liked the track and wanted it to see the light of day. It’s still super relevant to what we’re about and makes sense in our catalog. By a while back we mean before the band even started in 2012 😮
Can you tell us anything about the upcoming EP?
It’s tight and simple, straight to the point with no dull moment, it’s pretty pop! WTM is the rawest track on it. Look forward to a similar sonic palate with many different mood flavours.
If you could work with any band on a new song, who would it be and why?
Radiohead because obviously. It’d be weird and iconic. Liiike it would almost be way to much… 😉
Will you be touring at all this year?
Yeah! A ‘lil Westcoast banger in support ‘Way Too Much’ with our pals Melodramania this September, including Rifflandia, and potentially a music showcase in Whistler at the end of November.
What’s the alternative scene like in Vancouver?
It’s really happening when people can be bothered to get out of the house. Plenty of creativity, and sometimes cliquey. It’s totally there and functioning, you just have to look for it.
What were your first gigs you attended?
Some completely random metal show, it was intense and turned up to 11. War Baby was a great early one. Zane’s first show was seeing Tool.
What was the funniest moment while recording the new video?
Our buddy J was laying it on really thick with his jerk persona, spitting beer on the ground and fronting hard – keeping a straight face was not easy! Especially concidering he is usually super composed.
Will you be releasing any more singles before the release of the EP?
Oh yeah, absolutely. Steady roll out month after month, stay tuned.
Thank you for having us!