Interview High Wire talk latest EP

Pop Punk band High Wire, recently released their upcoming EP Different Places on September 8th and recently went on  Midwest Tour.

Since 2012, the band has made a name for themselves in a thriving Chicago punk scene establishing a dedicated fan base and sharing stages with the likes of Real Friends, You Me and Everyone We Know, Sleep On It, Knockout Kid and more. WIth the release of Different Places, High Wire pushed themselves to their creative limit both musically and lyrically, the EP is very much a step in a new direction for the band with a handful of new songs, but still retains a familiar sound that fans have grown to love since their debut. Different Places is a collection of songs that tell a story of personal changes and growth.You can check out the EP below!

We managed to catch up with the band before the release as they talk about the EP and more!

How pumped are you for releasing Different Places this week?

We’re super excited. It’s a long process from an albums final day in the studio to the actual release date. We’re really proud of this EP, we’ve all listened to it an absurd amount of times and can’t wait to share it with everyone.

Can you tell us something about the EP no one knows?

In the title track “Different Places”, we utilized lyrics that were written years ago for a different version of the song. It really encompassed the whole message of self growth through this EP by using what we loved from the old song and adding fresh material to it.

What inspired you to write these songs?

Nothing specific, just whatever is happening in our day to day lives. We wrote all of the songs for this EP in a fairly short amount of time, which benefited us by having all of the songs have a similar vibe and come from the same place emotionally and artistically. We have really grown as a band over the past year and this EP is sort of the representations of that growth.

What is your favourite track from the release?

We all seem to change our answer to this one on a weekly basis. As of now I would say, “Empty Room” is our favorite to play, and “Count on Me” is our favorite to listen to.

How was your recent Midwest tour?

It was a blast. We were on the road with Gold Route and they are great dudes. It was mostly new venues that we had never played and it’s always great getting in front of new people and places. We ran through a lot of the new EP while we were on the road as well so everything just felt very fresh and new about it.

If you could work with any artist or band on a new song, who would it be and why?

Blink 182. Form most of us, they were the band that got us into playing music. We draw a lot of inspiration from them so it would be awesome to actually collaborate on something and also to get a look into their creative process.

What is the alternative music scene like in Chicago?

Booming. There are so many great bands right now in Chicago and it’s a really supportive community. We have touring bands come through all the time expressing how they wish their hometown had the close knit music community that we have here in Chicago. We’re really lucky to have so many great friends here to inspire and help elevate each other.

What was your favourite moment while recording the EP?

The entire time recording and collaborating with Seth was a blast, but at the end of every night we would go back to Adams house with a fresh track from the day. We had a ritual of making a meal together, having a few drinks, and listening through the new song a few hundred times.

What was the first ever gig you all attended?

Cameron – Rush/Green Day (they were really close together)

Mark Nussle – The Starting Line, Cartel

Chris Rhymer – Taking Back Sunday, Fall Out Boy, Matchbook Romance

Adam Harrington -The Living End, Grinspoon, Frenzal Rhomb