Interview: The Aces talk upcoming album

Utah quartet The Aces are excited to announce the release of their much anticipated debut album, When My Heart Felt Volcanic on April 6th. Serving as a follow up to 2017’s critically acclaimed I Don’t Like Being Honest EP, the album is a collection of songs that exhibits confidence and polish that bellies their young years. Fans can pre-order the album and receive an instant download of the track Volcanic Love.

In celebration of the release of When My Heart Felt Volcanic The Aces are currently on the road with COIN for a full US tour wrapping up on 17th March. After a very short break, The Aces will hop across the pond for a run of headline dates throughout the UK and Europe. The Aces play at London’s Thousand Island on 27th March. Check out Vocanic Love below!

We managed to catch up with Crystal, Ken, Alisa and Katie as they talked about their upcoming album and more!

How pumped are you for the release of When My Heart Felt Volcanic?

Sooooo excited. We’ve been working on this album for most of our lives!

What is your favourite track from the release?

Cristal: Holiday
Ken: Strong Enough
Alisa: Volcanic Love⚡
Katie: Volcanic Love !

Can you tell us something about the album nobody knows about?

A lot of the vocals were recorded in the same room where MJ recorded BAD.

How has the release of Fake Nice gone so far?

So good. We have been so overwhelmed with the positive response. We’ve been able to play it on tour the past couple of days and it has been so fun to see people dancing and singing it.

If you could work with any band on a new song, who would it be and why?

Probably Paramore. We have been inspired by so many musicians but Paramore was a band that inspired us to play music really young. We would cover their songs and try to write songs similar to theirs when we were 12.

How pumped are you for your upcoming tour and three European dates?

We’ve been so anxious to get back to Europe. Coolest fashion, best food, we never wanna leave!

What venue are you most looking forward to playing?

-Le Pop Up Du Label in Paris! We’ve never been to France before and can’t wait to meet all the fans!

What was the first gig you all attended?

– Cristal: Miley Cyrus
-Ken: Creed at the Olympics in 2002!
-Katie: James Taylor
-Alisa: also Miley w/ Cris

What do you get up to in your spare time when you’re not working on music?

Cristal: working out and reading!
Alisa: going out with friends/ working out. Love running and yoga in the mountains of UT.
Katie: snow boarding, playing basketball or soccer, hangin with pals!
Ken: trail running and hikes in the mountains, yoga, cooking, reading and being with friends and fam

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