Interview: Cane Hill’s Elijah Witt talks upcoming album

Cane Hill is an aggressive 4 piece metal band hailing from New Orleans, LA. The band recently released their single It Follows from the band’s second full-length, Too Far Gone, out 19th January through Rise Records. Too Far Gone, which is the follow up to 2016’s Smile and has certainly created a lot of buzz among fans.

The band will be touring later this month supporting Motionless In White and will return to the road next month, embarking on a North American tour with Of Mice & Men, Blessthefall, and Fire From the Gods. The band will also perform at Rock on the Range in the spring.

Check out It Follows below!

We managed to catch up with lead singer Elijah Witt as he talked about the upcoming album and more!

So how has the single ‘It Follows’ gone down initially?
Honestly better than WE expected. We still don’t have a clue what people are going to like from us. Either we’re oblivious or the market is just genuinely that wishy washy with what they like. Regardless that’s a song that seems to have gotten a lot more attention than we anticipated.

Would you say this your strongest track of your upcoming album?
I mean that all bottoms out to your subjective opinion. What are you in the mood for that day? The songs are all so different that I don’t even a favorite that stays that way for more than a day.

How pumped are you for the release of Too Far Gone Out?
Really excited. I know there are going to be people who don’t get it or don’t like it because it’s a stretch for us, but this is the first time we’ve really been ourselves in THIS way. It’s an exciting new era for us as a band as as artists and we can’t wait for people to hear what we’re doing.

Tell us something about the upcoming release nobody knows?
Hmm. One thing no one really knows is we wrote with our friend from the pop world, Bryan Sammis. He’s in the band La Bouquet” but his resume is pretty damn impressive. He really helped us tap into a side of us we’d kind of shunned in the past because it was so far out of our comfort zone.

How helpful have the guys at Rise Records been with this?
They treat their bands like family. We’ve loved working with Rise since we started and that feeling hasn’t changed in the least.

If you could work with any band on a new song, who would it be and why?
Honestly I think it would be fun to do something with Ded. They’re good friends of ours and I think it would probably be a cool vibe to do some sort of weird shit with them.

What venue are you looking forward to playing the most on your upcoming tour with Motionless in White?
I love the Academy’s. We always have a good time playing their venues and with our sound engineer from home coming with us we’re excited to hear how big we can make those venues sound.

What’s the alternative music scene like in New Orleans at the moment?
It’s a little shaky. I feel like the heavy scene is kind of wayward but there’s a company my friends run called Real Rock Club that’s been booking and promoting better than anyone I’ve seen in the past. They’re causing a resurgence down here that’s really nice to finally see.

What was the first gig you first all attended?
I swear to god I have no idea what my first heavy show was but I think it was Winds of Plague/Emmure show way back. With Terror, ABACAB, and maybe the ghost inside? Fuckin pits.

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