Interview: Porcelain Hill talk upcoming UK tour

Heavy Blues/rock band from Southern California Porcelain Hill be touring the UK over June this year the first time ever. Formed in 2012 when Darnell ‘Big D’ Cole, Nathalie ‘Wildfire’ Campos met after college, the two formed the band and performed as a two-piece. Two years later, the duo went to an open jam and decided it was time to add bass. Shortly after, they met Jacob Lucero. The youngest of the trio, he earned the moniker ‘The Kidd’, but his skill proved to be well beyond his years, and after a single practice, Porcelain Hill was Solidified. The band will be releasing an EP in February and will tour the UK from 3 – 28 June.

Check out Jackie live below!

So how pumped are you to be touring the UK in June?
So excited! It’s honestly one of the biggest points in our career and we are too stoked!
What venue are you most looking forward to playing?
We have nothing on paper booked yet but there’s talk of Fibbers in York and that’s a pretty exciting venue if we can lock it down
Have you been to the UK before?
Not even once sadly, it’s our first time.
Will you be releasing any new music in 2018?
YES! We have a new EP dropping in February that you can get a taste of the LIVE songs on YouTube ( )
If you could work with any band on a new song, who would it be and why?
Alabama shakes because of her pipes!
If you could play at any venue you in the world where would it be?
 Glastonbury, pyramid stage.
What has been your most memorable gig to date?
That’s a tough one, probably this one time in New Orleans, spot called BMC, PLACE WENT CRAZY!
What’s the alternative music scene like in Southern California?
What was the first gig you all ever attended?
 Vegas on Feb 20, 2015

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