Album Review: Magnum – Lost on the Road to Eternity

After four decades the kings of Melodic man Rock MAGNUM release their 20th studio album ‘Lost On The Road To Eternity’ on SPV. Original lead guitarist and chief songwriter Tony Clarkin is still ably flanked by lead vocalist Bob Catley and the duo’s distinctive sound courses through this latest release. Opener ’Peaches And Cream’ is a “close your eyes and it could be 1986” anthemic Aor-Soft-Rock multi-layered cut. A catchy clap (not that one) inducing chorus and some bordering on the edge of corny lyrics. Next up is the cantering ‘Show Me Your Hands’ which cruise controls into the senses with some dual harmonised vocals, keyboards and highly proficient axe work. A ploddingly clichéd ‘Storm Baby’ is followed by the rockier ’Welcome To The Cosmic Cabaret’ and the orchestral tinged title track which features guest vocalist Tobias Sammet. ‘Without Love’ highlights Catley’s ageless rasp which is exquisitely eighties in its sound, touch and faultless delivery. ‘Tell Me What You’ve Got To Say’, ‘Ya Wanna Be Somebody’ both follow the same musical path of big guitars and melodic, eyes shut, fist clenching chorus’s whereas ‘Forbidden Masquerade’ is a pure cut ’N’ paste track and it sounds like a band filling the minutes. ‘Glory To Ashes’ and final cut ‘King Of The World’ both suffer from the same mix ‘n’ match feel. LOTRTE will delight Magnum fans worldwide, which is who this release is aimed at. It has both high highs and low lows, big lingering riffs, atmospheric resonating choruses and reassuringly mature vocals. The lyrics are close to being cheesy and really, really obvious, but in the context of a Magnum album they work. New year, new nostalgia, whatever next.

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