Album Review: Bruce Foxton & Russell Hastings – From The Jam Live!


Bruce Foxton & Russell Hastings, “From The Jam Live!” (Basstone)-For the past  decade former Jam bassist Bruce Foxton has been delighting audiences with energised performances of the cream of his former outfit’s illustrious back catalogue, aided and abetted by the sterling contributions of singer and guitarist Russell Hastings. The dynamic duo have chosen to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their From The Jam project with the release of this exhilarating  jaunt down memory lane , culled from  performances recorded at a variety of  venues around the UK during their recent tours.  “Butterfly Collector” and “Down in the Tube Station at Midnight” are particularly fine efforts, vying for top billing with  the fiery closing cut, “The Eton Rifles.” By Kevin Bryan.

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