Live Review: The Main Grains at The Face Bar, Reading

Touring as support to Tyla’s Dogs, THE MAIN GRAINS grab the early attendees by the Rock ‘N’ Roll short and curlies, then squeeze tight for thirty, blink and you’ll miss it, minutes. With Danny McCormack seated front ‘n’ centre the four-piece belt out a set of wholesome Punky, good time Rock tinged goodness. ‘Unscrewed’, ‘I’d Rather Be In California’ and new single ‘The Rain Is Over Now’ highlight the bands Ramones-esque sound, short, fast and uniquely catchy. ‘Sock It To Me’ and ‘She’s A Catch’ give way to the straightforward brilliance of ‘Happy Round Here’.The Yo-Yo’s ‘Keepin On Keepin On’ remind us of past glories but its the future that holds the most intrigue. They have the support, songs and in Danny, a recognisable and well-liked (Wildhearts fans love him) front man. A full-length release must be paramount for The Main Grains 2018.

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