Interview: Lizzy Farrall talks upcoming EP

Lizzy Farrall is releasing her new EP All I Said Was Never Heard on the 5th of January 2018 which is being put out by Pure Noise Records.

The singer is solo artist based in Chester, England. She grew up in North Wales with her large family and wasn’t in mainstream education until she attended Coleg Cambria at the age of 16 to study a BETC Music course.
After graduating from College with Distinctions she then went on to sign to Pure Noise Records, a US-based record label from California. Lizzy was discovered online covering popular Pop Punk songs by a booking agent who worked closely with the label. 
Lizzy has a wide music taste that reflects in the music she writes,
Her songs are honest and Lizzy has said she uses music like her own personal diary.

The artist a is also supporting Seaway on tour this January alongside Woes from 10th January starting at Bristol’s The Exchange. Check out Hollow Friends from the upcoming EP below!

We managed to catch up with Lizzy as she talked about her upcoming EP, tour and more!

Are you looking forward to the release of All I Said Was Never Heard?

I’ve been sat on these songs for nearly 3 years so I’m very excited to finally release these songs

What is your favourite track from the EP?

I have to say I don’t have a favourite on the ep as each song means a lot to me.

Tell us something about the EP nobody knows?

The artwork for the Ep is a girl lying in a sunflower bed, I wanted sunflowers on the artwork as one of my favorite poems is ‘Ah Sunflower’ by William Blake and I really relate to that poem and I think my songs do too.

What was your favourite moment when recording the EP?

To be honest I can’t pin down an exact moment but the whole experience was wonderful, Neil Kennedy is a very talented man and he really helped me to express my voice and build my confidence, also it was an amazing feeling to go record in an actual recording studio and The Ranch is a very beautiful one.

How pumped are you for your upcoming tour with Seaway?

I’m very excited to be touring with Seaway and Woes both are

super talented bands.

How did this tour come about?

Pure Noise and my booking agent Brad Wiseman work closely together and they got me on tour with Seaway who are also on Pure Noise.

If you could work with any band or artist on a new song, who would it be and why?

I would love to work with Foxing, Conor Murphy’s voice is so unique and I think he is an amazing lyricist.

How much has Pure Noise Records helped you become the artist you are today?

To be honest Pure Noise have given me a lot of confidence even though it has been a dream to pursue singing as a career I never thought I was good enough and honestly all the team behind pure noise have been so lovely and are really helping me to make a big passion of mine come to life.

What was the first gig you attended as a kid?

When I was 12/13 I went through a stage of not wanting to listen to any music my family did.. My family all had very good taste in music, so for my 13th my mum had got me tickets to what would of been my first gig to see the Band Keane which all my family were a big fan of, so me going through this stupid phase I asked if i could go see Girls Aloud instead.. But I have to hand it to them they put on one hell of show.

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