Interview: Hey Gigantic talk latest single

Introducing London born alternative quintet Hey Gigantic who reveal their new video for their new single Passenger. The single received its first exclusive radio airplay on Charlie Ashcroft’s Audition Show on Amazing Radio. The band recorded with Neil Kennedy and Daly George at Ranch Production House and Passenger is the first release from that session.This new material is the first time the band have felt like they’ve captured the analogue, aesthetic and energy of their live show, as well as the more considered approach to their song writing. ‘Passenger’ is upbeat, urgent and full of energy. It’s a song for driving too; it’s meant to be played loud and on the road with the windows down! Check out the track below!

We managed to catch up with the band as they talked about the latest release and more!

So how has your video Passenger gone down with fans so far?

It’s been really positive so far! We haven’t been playing gigs or put out music for a year so it’s nice to know people still care after we’ve been so quiet. I think it’s the most immediate and catchy song we’ve written, and seems to be catching peoples attention with it’s straight up driving rock song approach.

Tell us something about the track nobody knows about?

This is about the 4th version of it! Haha. Took a while to figure it out, and strip back the composition.

What was your favourite moment recording this?

The whole recording experience at Ranch Production House with Neil Kennedy (Creeper, Milk Teeth) was awesome! Spent a week there in the Summer, and stayed in the barn next door to the studio, so we’d just wake up each day and were solely focused on making music, there’s nothing better!

What’s it like to have air play by the likes of Amazing Radio and BBC Intoducing?

Great! The more people that hear it the better, it’s just all about spreading the word. Thank god for the internet! Hearing it made ‘single of the week’ on Amsterdam’s Indie XL is just awesome! Love how it can be heard all over the world to quickly.

How pumped are you for your support slots with Faux in January?

Yeah super pumped for that! It’s been ages since we played, and we love that band. Gonna be a lot of fun! Also Old Blue Last is a great venue, come on down!

If you could work with any band on a new song, who would it be and why?

Right now for me (Jonathan Bateman – vocals and bass) it would have to be Manchester Orchestra.That new album (‘A Black Mile To The Surface’) of theirs! WOW. Just amazing songwriting and production, and so much emotion. I’d love to sit down with them and understand their approach. If you haven’t heard that record, go check it out.

What would be your ideal venue to play at?

I think the dream venue for anyone band like us that grew up going to London for gigs is the Brixton Academy, or if it was still there The Astoria. Oh man that venue! So many great memories.

Will you be at any festivals next year?

We would love to play festivals! Nothing booked as yet. Keep you posted.

Will there be an EP/Album on the way?

We’ve got a few songs recorded and ready to go, it’s just figuring out how best to release them, whether to do a series of singles or EP. But either way we got more music coming! So keep your eyes and ears peeled in 2018.

What was the first gig you all attended?

Jon Moon (Drums) – Less Than Jake, Mean Fiddler LA2 London
Jonny Haylock (Guitar) – Deftones, London Astoria
Jonathan Bateman (Vocals and Bass) – Rage Against The Machine, Wembley Arena
Matt Nicholson (Guitar and Vocals) – Neil Sedaka, Albert Hall

Matt for the win! So classy that man.

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