Album Review: The Strawbs – The Ferryman Curse

The Strawbs, “The Ferryman’s Curse” (Cherry Red / Esoteric Antenna)- Vocalist  Dave Cousins’  rasping  tones have always tended to polarise listeners’ reactions  between  love and loathing, but  this  distinctive performer  continues to front  The  Strawbs with power and passion  after more than half a century of largely exemplary music-making. “The Ferryman’s Curse” finds the band returning to the fray with some freshly minted  new material after an eight year creative hiatus  and their  collaboration with legendary rock producer Chris Tsangarides has yielded predictably excellent results, with guitarist Dave Lambert in particularly sparkling form on stand-outs  such as “The Ten Commandments” and the epic, near nine minutes long title track – By Keven Bryan.