Live Review: Beans on Toast and Skinny Lister at Southampton’s 1865

Beans On Toast

Beans on Toast and Skinny Lister both performed last week at Southampton’s 1865 as they embarked on their Double Trouble Tour. Beans on Toast opened the night up as he played tracks such as Smells Like Bullshit as he was accompanied by his folk band that  Bobby Banjo, Jenna Mahon and Matt Millership.
Other tracks performed shoeless on the night was Beer and a Burger and the sweet song Jamie and Lily which was about him and his wife despite telling the crowd before it was about someone he met at a gig. Check MDMA song
With the likes of M.D.M.A Amazing, which the singer announced reached 1 million hits on Spotify, you know the party had started as Beans on Toast brought comedy as well as politics to his set. With Beans on Toast released his latest album Cushty the week before, this gig was perfect timing to show off some of his newer work. He played The Ignorant Englishman from this album which was about his tour in Germany and how people go to other countries assuming they know English. He then talked about this banner which is Mother In Law made for him and that they made it fireproof so that everyone was safe on the night. Beans on Toast then played Lizzie’s Cooking which was about his wife and her sister. With a lot of love songs out of the way, Beans on Toast sang Blowjob for the Blues which was all about sex and a one night stand, a song most of the crowd could relate to. He played a song about Skinny Lister’s Lorna Thomas who has the same year of birth and star sign so you could tell that they were really good friends. Beans on Toast finished on The Elements which was a perfect way to end a great set.

Skinny Lister

Second and last up was the brilliant Skinny Lister as they completed the Double Trouble night in style. They began with their Celtic sounding vibes as they sang the likes of Tragedy in A Minor and their festive song Christmas Calls which reminded me of the brilliant Fairytale of New York. The band played their first ever single live also which was titled If The Gaff Don’t Let Us Down which was really jumpy and lively and you could tell that with the packed out crowd loving every minute of it.  They also played Cathy as well as Architect and This Is War.

When singer Lorna Thomas was leading the front, her voice really shined and you could really feel butterflies with her strong and powerful voice. The band finished on the likes of Beat It From Chest and was even joined by Beans On Toast for their encore. Overall it was a fantastic night of music that showed an example that folk music is well and truly still alive.