Interview: Black Oxygen talks latest single

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Credit: David Gillispie


The band Black Oxygen is comprised of brothers David [vocals, songwriting, lead guitar] and Nick Lyle [drums, keyboards, programming.) The Kansas City-born and Los Angeles-based duo channels an undeniable chemistry into an unpredictable hybrid of alternative-pop and rock punctuated by the perfect amount of swagger. During 2016, they hit the studio with producer Brett Hestla [Dark New Day, Framing Hanley] and have been busy cooking up their next musical evolution.
To give their hungry friends and fans a taste of what’s to come the brothers decided to release a couple of songs.  The first A Step Away combines shimmering keys and robust guitars with an anthemic arena-size sound and hit last Friday at all digital outlets.  Followed by a video premiere that went live at midnight on April 1 and garnered over 100,000 views in the first 24 hours. The views are currently at 321,000 and growing.
Friend and internet sensation Chantal Zales lends her talents to the video that shows a less serious side of Black Oxygen.  Although these guys don’t mess around when it comes to the integrity of their music. The video shows the more laid back and comic side of them.

We caught up with the brothers as they talked about the latest song, working with Chantel Zales and more!

How has the release of your new song A Step Away gone so far?
David – Amazing! Beautiful! Very thankful on the fans response and LOVE!
Nick – Yeah it’s been great, we’ve had probably the best response and our largest launch yet, which is definitely a great sign that this new music is moving in the right direction.
How was it working with Chantel Zales?
David – we are friends. Good times!
Nick – She was great to work with, very professional and a really nice person.
Tell us a little bit about the song and the music video.
David – We wanted to make a video that was light and fun.  There is some deeper meaning to us chasing the girl. In short its us chasing our dreams. The girl represents our dreams. But most people wont read into that. We wanted to be able to show our personalities. Too many times the love story has been told and we just wanted to be as fresh and original as possible. The video for us was showing our fans how fun we can be.  We are serious with are music but we are fun guys to be around.
Nick – Exactly. The song itself is truly about feeling like you’re a step away and knowing you’ve worked so hard for something and not being willing to give up when things get hard, whether it’s your relationships or career or anything really.
Wow…over 100k views on the video in the first 24 hours. How proud are you of the success of the song already?
David – Very thankful about to pass 300k! Thankful caught on virally to such a BIG worldwide audience! As well as the masses following that see continue to follow on our social media and pick up all of our other music releases on iTunes!
Nick – Very proud and excited to keep growing and expanding.
If you could work with any band on a new song, who would it be and why?
David – I would say Jared Leto! Respect his songwriting! Would be a unique combo!
Nick – In terms of rock or alternative groups I’d probably most like to work with Twenty One Pilots or The xx, make some real wild stuff.
Will there be a new EP/Record released this year?
David – 3 transition Singles! 2 of the 3 with videos! You’ll see/hear when they release!
Nick – Right and we’ll see what happens after that, but there’s definitely more in the works.
What was the funniest moment while recording your latest song?
David – I kept laughing during my weight room scene so had to keep doing it over and over until I didn’t laugh HAHA!
Nick – The studio is always a good time but yeah filming the video watching David do his scenes with the weights I was for real in tears
Who has the best fashion sense out of you both?
David – Both unique different styles!
Nick – Hahah I’d have to say me.
What is the music scene like in LA, would you say it’s different to Kansas?
David – YES. On all levels I love KC but LA is the best! Here for life! Hollywood Hills! Love everything out here!
Nick – Yeah much different, there’s just scenes for everything and anything out here. You can find whatever you want if you know the right people to get you in.
How much do your fans mean to you guys?
David – Everything! We shall continue to grow! Thank you Black Oxygen fans that see this!
Nick – Yes absolutely everything! Thank you very much to all of the fans, old and new, for all of the support and love.