Interview: Borders talk upcoming EP


Lincoln tech-metallers BORDERS have recently confirmed that they’ll be releasing their new EP Diagnosed on the 21st April 2017, their most punishingly dark and sinister record to date featuring new vocalist Jordan ‘JJ’ Olifent. Having utterly obliterated the stages at UK Tech-Fest, Deadbolt and Mosh On The Tyne, as well as sharing the stage with the likes of Martyr Defiled and Heritage, Borders have upped the ante even more with Diagnosed, creating an even more ominous and demonic presence.

Diagnosed is a short release but apt in its meaning, symbolically referencing drugs, mental health, pharmaceutical companies governed by billion-dollar corporate industries, media manipulation and corruption with unique twists and messages in the lyrics. This delves deeper into personal stories and tragedies, which when factored into the already ferocious music, suggests the fire of Borders has only just been lit.

The lads recently just toured with Faces of Eve across the UK.

The five-piece also premiered the video for lead single Comatosed which you can view below!


We caught up with the band as they talked about their latest tour, upcoming EP and more!

How has the tour with Faces of Eve gone so far?

This tour has been a blast so far. FOE are all great tour buddies and we’ve played so many cool places together, we’ve been enjoying exploring the cities as much as the shows!

What has been your favourite venue to play at?

Probably has to be Club 85 in Hitchin, it seemed to be a bit of a hidden gem. A huge room with a fantastic stage and sound rig, and the staff and owner were really accommodating!

How has Comatosed gone down with fans so far?

The reaction has been awesome, to have only just released this track and have some fans shout the ¬†words back to you is amazing. It’s turned out to be a great live song, the middle section always gets the crowd moving.

Can you tell us anything about this single?

A lot of Comatosed concepts JJ actually conceived during his time working for a newspaper. Experiencing the way media works first hand, he got to take a look at how easy it is to manipulate news and deceive the public.

How pumped are you for the release of your upcoming EP Diagnosed?

We are incredibly excited! It hasn’t really hit us yet as we’ve had some of these songs for quite a while now and the idea of finally releasing them is slightly surreal. I guess it will sink it once we have it in our hands!

If you could work with any band on a new song, who would it be and why?

Not sure about any bands specifically, but it would be awesome to work with some Hip-Hop/Rap artists, just to see what they could do with our style of music.

Who has the best fashion sense out of you guys?

Probably JJ, he can pull off a backwards cap and thick rimmed glasses so the rest of us stand no chance.

When you see fans listening to your music how much does this mean to you?

It means everything to us, if no one listened to our music we couldn’t do what we do, and seeing somebody enjoying our songs is a feeling of pride and accomplishment like no other.