Interview: Marie Miller talks upcoming album

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Marie Miller

When Marie Miller writes a song, she does what all gifted writers do: She looks at her life and into her heart to make sure what she creates comes from real emotion and experience.

She also does something none of peers likely do: She searches through classic literature, whether it be Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy or Homer. There, she finds parallels for what she wants to say, channels that inspiration into her lyrics and comes up with something unique: Music that’s immediate and timeless, driven by feelings all listeners can relate to yet infused with a perspective that transcends the present.

Yet the singer’s upcoming album Letterbox is no droning lecture on literature. It’s a celebration of freedom. Miller has paid plenty of dues to get to the point where she feels she can write what she wants how she wants to, and sing without constraint. Still young, she has survived years in the music business. She impacted initially with the infectious, You’re Not Alone. More than 115,000 downloaded that single on Amazon. ABC’s Dancing with the Stars featured her second single, 6’2, in 2014.

That’s a success story for sure, one that Miller is grateful to have had. Still, she realised that this was only the first of many steps she needed to take to achieve her goals.

In September 2015 she performed for Pope Francis and 750,000 attendees in Philadelphia, PA, which aired live on CNN and Fox News.

Letterbox is coming out April 28th via Curb Records but you can check Marie’s latest single, This Side Of Paradise, below!

We caught up with Marie as she talked about her upcoming album, release shows and more!

So how pumped are you for the release of ‘Letterbox’?

I’m super excited! This album is so dear to my heart, and it’s been a labor of love. I can’t believe it will finally be available this month.

Can you tell us anything about the release?

The release will be Friday, April 28th, and I’ll be performing two album release shows in Virginia to celebrate the big weekend.

How have the guys at Curb Records been in helping you?

I have an incredible team at Curb. They are the reason we are talking now! We’ve created some amazing content to support the music, and they have worked hard to get my music heard on radio, film/tv, and digital platforms like Spotify playlists and Pandora.

If you could work with any artist/ band on a new song, who would it be and why?

I would love to write a song with the guys from Cage the Elephant. They have such a cool vibe/style.

What does it mean to you when you see fans listening to your music?

It means so much! It’s an honour to be part of someone’s world like that, a real honour.

Will there be a tour with your new release?

We are working hard on getting a great opening spot for summer and fall to support the release.

How was it performing for Pope Francis?

Life changing! It was an incredible night, and I’ll never forget it.

What has been your proudest moment to date?

I have had several emails about how my songs have helped

people through tough times, and I feel humbled and very proud of that at the same time. Music is so powerful, and I feel like I’m just an instrument for it to hopefully change, inspire, and bring hope to the world.

What has been your funniest moment while recording the new album?

One day the guitar player and I talked in Midwestern accents for most of the day. I don’t think anyone else thought it was funny, but we did!