Interview: Scream Serenity

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Screen Serenity

Scream Serenity are Quintessential Hard Rock for the New Generation extensively formed in 2014 by Jordan Fennell. Based in Lowestoft, Suffolk the band is lead singer and guitaist, Jordan Fennell, guitarist Ian Messenger, bassist James Golder and Jon Lindow on drums.

Forging onwards throughout the past couple of years Scream Serenity have been amazing audiences across the UK with their powerful & engaging live stage show by having “Music Charisma by the bucket load”. Building steadily upon their fan base with pure rock driven guitar hooks & an immersive bass line experience. These, as well as hard hitting drum perfection to compliment their harmonious vocal output.

The bands current EP Beyond This Land is available exclusively through the band’s website and shows the consistency of Scream Serenity’s powerful music writing & recording ability with tracks from the EP now being played on over 3600 UK/US FM Radio & Internet Radio platforms.

The band is busy writing new material and recording sessions are planned in 2017 for an eagerly awaited debut Album.

Scream Serenity go into the studio end of April to record their debut album, and with a host of gigs lined up including Breaking Bands Festival!  Check out a Rupublica cover Ready To Go from the band below.

We caught up with lead singer Jordan Fennell as talked about their current EP,
How has the release of Beyond This Land gone so far?
Really well, it’s been out for a little while now but it’s gotten some great reviews from critics and we’ve not got many left of the run we got pressed for release!
Tell us about the EP
When we sat down and decided what songs to put on it, the overall theme of the EP actually never occurred to us but just before release we realised how well the EP works as a whole, Legacy, the opening track starts with a message of thinking about what you want to leave behind in the world, to Twisted which is about personal/relationship battles, End of us All which is about war in various forms through to Beyond This Land which is about when everything has been left behind, what’s next?
What is your favourite song from the release?
Personally for me, I love Legacy, I love the musical work we’ve put in to it, I love the lyrical message it has.
How excited are to go back in the recording studio in April?
Incredibly excited! We’ve been waiting a long term to get to a studio to do our debut album, we’ve been working on new material for it which we really feel is our best work to date.
If you could work with any band on a new song, who would it be and why?
I think for me personally, I’d love to work with Alter Bridge, the complexity of their songs mixed with the melodies in their choruses is what we strive to achieve, plus they all seem like great, down to earth guys.
What has been your proudest moment to date?
For me, I think it’s that we’re currently being played on something like 3700 radio stations around the world on various platforms, to know that the music you’ve written is potentially getting out to an innumerable about of people is just awesome!
How pumped are you for Breaking Bands Festival?
We honestly can’t wait! It’s our first year at the Festival and hopefully it won’t be our last, the lineup this year is killer and we’ve just found out it’s sold out completely, which is fantastic.
Do you find it different playing at festivals than live venues?
Not entirely, our view as a band is that no matter how many folks there are in an audience, they get the same show from us, we get on stage and have a blast together regardless, I’m sure a lot of bands have played venues where only a few people have turned out, but they’ll get the same from us as a crowd of 1000+ would
Have you got any live gigs lined up?
We’ve got a few, Breaking bands is in May, we’re playing a couple of Festivals, quite close to home, in Norwich throughout the Year, and a few other dates spread about too
What does it mean to you when you see fans listening to your music?
It’s great! It really let’s us know that people love what we do, the way I look at it is if you write music you love and other people love it too, then you’re on to a winner
Who has the best fashion sense out of you guys?
Oh wow that’s a tricky one! We all have our own styles but seeing as the rest of the boys can’t answer this I’m going to be selfish and say me hahaha!