…And The Hangnails Announce New Album ‘DOG’

...and the hangtails.jpg

York-based indie/punk duo, …And The Hangnails have announced the details of their new album, DOG, to be released through Young Thugs Records on 12th May 2017.

Watch the interactive virtual-reality video for lead single Don’t Waste My Time below!

‘DOG is a word we used to describe the general overriding feeling we had whilst writing this album.’┬ásays guitarist, Martyn Fillingham. ‘it was a feeling of being pretty disenfranchised with everything. Underwhelmed and pretty unenergized and disappointed. DOG was always a word we used to mean a bit scruffy, or rough or hungover.

‘I guess we were feeling a bit hungover from our last record. It was weird to feel unenthusiastic yet come out with some of the most energetic and most fun sounding songs to date.’

DOG, the bands 4th full-length album, was recorded at Red City Recording Studios in Manchester by David Radahd-Jones.