TERRA announce debut EP ‘WASTED DAYS’ & new single WATER COLOUR

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Terra’s debut EP Wasted Days is a massive step forward for the group, finally happy with a finished product that reflects the direction the band is heading.

The four tracks delve into issues ranging from the reality of being in a band in 18 to their creative process in Watercolour.

 Watercolour is a monumental track for Terra, it was the first they wrote together as a band and takes an honest look at the art they want create and the art they are creating.

‘It follows the theme of art, and making yourself a masterpiece but surrendering to the fact that no one is perfect,’ said vocalist and rhythm guitarist,  Cassie Sutton.

The track deals with this juxtaposition by delivering varying dynamics and tempos between sections. Keeping the listeners drawn in, waiting for that last big chorus.

Watercolour is the follow up to Terra’s debut single Talk is Cheap which was release in November last year and sits on approximate 4,000 views on Youtube. Check out their last music video HERE.

Terra also added their unique, neon-punk flavour to Vanessa Carlton’s classic A Thousand Miles in March last year, the video sits at nearly 20,000 views, check it out HERE.