EP Review: Hometruths: Open Your Eyes

Hometruths Full Res-6.jpg

Hailing out of Manchester as a result of the shower of shit we find ourselves living in today, Hometruths are here to show everyone that we can stand up to the world of corrupt government officials and impoverished societies we find ourselves stuck living in. Hometruths are here to make a difference and although making all the right noises in interviews certainly will help with that, what will truly shine through is the music. The question now is; do the band have the music to make people stand up and listen to what they have to say?

You bet your bottom dollar they do. Intro track Embers succeeds in giving the listener a brief preview of the onslaught of sound that is about to by showing small signs of the groove-like hardcore the band specialise in before the first track proper, Feral, kicks in. Immediate comparisons are made to While She Sleeps styled metallic hardcore on this track but Hometruths have a much more raw edge to their sound which only helps the mosh ready riffs and vocalist Gaz Davies aggressive roars sound that more real, like this music the band are making means a lot more to them than if it was an overproduced mess.

The quality does not drop on the following tracks either but many of them offer different insights to the inspirations the band have, as well as all the different variations the band can put into their sound. Third track Divide offers a much more hardcore and punk styled approach to their sound while Vigilante offers a more slow and dark approach to the groovy metallic hardcore sound that Hometruths have managed to perfect in such a short space of time. The fact that the band can have all these different approaches and still maintain their own unique sound is impressive but when you take into account how well done it is here, the achievement cannot be understated.


The most interesting take on their sound however, comes in the form of fifth track WMD. This track offers a sort of nu metal and industrial take on what Hometruths do so well with the main riff of the track sounding like a cross between Marilyn Manson and Rammstein of days gone by. Combine this with use of electronics which is reminiscent of artists such as Rob Zombie and you see that the band have a wide range of influences that they have managed to melt all into one style of music. The fact that they have managed to create such dexterity on their debut record is immaculate, to have done it so well is unheard of.

As the EP closes out with the relentless speed and frenzied assault of Genocide, the listener is left in a state of bewilderment at the sheer brilliance of the last 16 minutes of music they have just digested. This is only the bands first EP, so the fact that they have managed to write a record so brilliantly crafted at this stage in their career tells you that they have a bright future. Keep an eye on this band everyone, you will not regret it.

9/10 – Brilliant and creative take on a well worn out genre, near flawless

Highlights – Feral, WMD