Portuguese technical death metallers The Voynich Code announce new single and debut LP via signing to Primordial Records


Rising Portuguese technical death metallers THE VOYNICH CODE are delighted to announce their signing to Primordial Records, ahead of their debut full-length release this spring.

To mark the occasion, the band are debuting brand new track I, The Weak., you can watch the track below!

Named after the mysterious Voynich Manuscript, Portugal’s exponents of progressive technicality are a band starting to attract attention. Following the success of debut EP Ignotum, The Voynich Code are turning away from deathcore towards a more classic death metal sound.

Following an appearance at UK Tech-Metal Fest 2015, a home tour with Being As An Ocean, shows with Betraying the Martyrs, Desolated, and over 300,000 views on previous lead single, ‘Antithesis’, the future is exciting for Portugal’s hottest new exports.