Interview: Death Blooms talks upcoming EP

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Death Blooms (credit: Dan Bentley)

Death Blooms are a brand new alternative metal quartet from Manchester and Liverpool. Armed with confidence, plenty of skills, social awareness and angst bubbling under the surface, Death Blooms sound is both frenetic and infectious; seamlessly combining hardcore vocals with bullet proof guitar riffs, bouncing grooves and oozing an adundance of modern melodic audio sonics. Following live shows with Dope, Skindred, Raging Speedhorn and Anti-Clone, Death Blooms will release their self titled debut EP on 12th May 2017.


Death Blooms will play along tomorrow night (7th February) at the O2 Academy Liverpool with what lead singer Paul Barrow has described as an ‘absolute honour’. Death Blooms are Ad Lucas, Ben Grimsley, Mel Stewart and Barrow. You can check out their new single I’m Dead below!

We managed to catch up with lead singer Barrow as he talks about the upcoming EP, playing alongside Skindred tomorrow night, first gigs they watched and more!

So how has the video for I’m Dead gone so far?

Honestly, the reception has been amazing. It’s really been pretty insane the amount of messages we’ve all received from people telling us how much they love it!

Tell us a bit about the song

Well, the song itself is about struggling with mental health issues. The lyrics were written when I was in a bit of a dark place and I tried to channel the confusion and mixed up emotions into something positive, basically by just fucking screaming about it. It was extremely therapeutic.

Can you tell us anything about the upcoming EP released in May?

For starters, we’re really excited for everyone to hear it! We started recording it with Dave Radhad-Jones in Red City Recordings in Manchester over a year ago, so we can’t wait to finally share it with everyone. You should expect riffs, riffs and more riffs.

How pumped are you to be playing alongside Skindred in your home city?

Ah, man! It’s just an absolute honour. I know a lot of people throw that word around, but l genuinely mean that. For us as a band, it’s crazy to have such a big show as a first home town show, it’s the perfect beginning. Sharing a stage with Skindred is going to be special. Not only are they such an amazing band, but their work with new and upcoming bands over the years has been phenomenal.

What does it mean to you guys when you see people listening to your music?

It’s honestly the best feeling in the world for us. I heard my 6 year old niece singing along to it the other day and, I’m not gonna lie, it was pretty overwhelming. It really does mean everything to us that people are taking time out of their days to listen to something we’ve created!

Will there be a tour announced at all soon?

Some pretty cool stuff has been mentioned. Watch this space.

If you could work with any band on a new song, who would it be and why?

None of us could agree on this, so I’m going to go with Ad’s answer because it’d definitely be the most interesting – Kayne West. Plus, it’d be so sick if he dropped a few bars over one of Ad’s riffs.

What has been your proudest moment to date?

Opening for Dope at Islington Academy. First show, opening for Dope. Motherfucking Dope, man! Just one of those things none of us thought would ever happen. It was absolutely wild!

What was each of yours first gig you ever went to?

I’m gonna start with Ad’s because it’s ridiculous: get this – Slipknot on the Iowa tour, with In Flames, One Minute Silence and American Head Charge! (I know, right!?) Ben’s was Disturbed at Manchester Academy and Mel’s was Duff McKagen.
Then there’s mine. Me, I went to see Craig David at the M.E.N. I regret nothing.