Interview: Syre talk latest reissues of albums


Syre was formed and came out kicking and screaming in 1986. With members from Toronto, London and Kitchener they brought their unique brand of glam to the Canadian scene and through non-stop touring 50 weeks a year, built a strong live following of dedicated supporters. They began touring in the U.S and garnered a deal there to compliment their 1989 Canadian A&M Records deal by signing with Chicago based Red Light/Warner Bros. Syre also began to get some interest in Europe and Japan and leveraged on that to land deals with Intercore Records (Europe) and Sony (Japan). Syre toured coast to coast in to the mid 90’s leaving a swath of ringing ears and empty liquor stores, their livers retired in 88! Over the years they’ve had the pleasure of supporting many great acts including Helix, Nitro, Brighton Rock, Goddo, Blackfoot, Molly Hatchet, The Sweet and many more! What a ride! Syre continues to do selective dates and still enjoys a cold beer and a bright stage….if you see them around be sure to join the party.
Syre is: Doug Weir, lead vocals, Chip Gall, rhythm guitar, vocals, Rick Mead, Lead guitar, vocals and Chris Caron bass, vocals and Jamie Constant, drums. Demon Doll Records has released the reissue of Syre’s second album Pissed to the Gills. This reissue follows the reissue of Syre’s first album It Ain’t Pretty Being Easy. Syre still has all original members and continues doing live dates in 2017. Listen to Fight Fire With Fire below!

We managed to catch up with frontman Doug, as they he talks about the new reissued albums, favourite song, proudest moment and more!

So what’s different to the reissue of ‘Pissed to the Gills’ and ‘It ain’t pretty being easy’? Our new deal with Demon Doll Records out of Hollywood provided an opportunity to have our first 2 albums remastered with new artwork. They sound better and have a fresh look. It was interesting to hear how a fresh pair of ears interpreted our music and the same goes for the artwork. The difference between the 2 albums is significant too. On the first record we were a little more constrained by the need to get radio play, so it was mixed to be more radio friendly. The second album allowed us to stretch our creative wings a bit more, so I think it ended up heavier with a bit of unorthodox thrown in.
What is your favourite song from both of the albums?
My favorite song from the It ain’t Pretty Being Easy album is I’m with you but it depends on my mood, if you asked me on the right day it might be In Your Eyes. From the Pissed to the Gills album it would be the song Believe. I love the riff and the chorus is huge…
Will you guys be writing new music soon?
I think it depends on the demand for new Syre music, if people want more at some point we’ll give them more!
So you guys tour a lot, do you find it hard being on the road and write music too?
It is difficult to travel and remain up for writing. That said the road gives you many interesting topics and ways of looking at things that you can use in the writing process. We’re not touring right now so it is a good time for me to reload on song ideas.
If you could work with any band on a new song, who would it be and why?
For me personally it would be Aerosmith. They write amazing songs with perfect melodies mixed with cool rhythm section grooves and topped with the best guitar riffs! They seem like they’d be a fun crew to hang out with as well. I think the hybrid you’d get from their blues based rock and our glam would make for some interesting listening.  
What has been your proudest moment to date?
Musically it would be the first time I heard one of our songs on the radio. I think we were driving in our van down the Trans Canada highway, which is a highway the spans the length of Canada, and it came on we were blown away to hear it come on. Second to that was when our video was first played on Much Music, Canada’s MTV. It’s great when you work towards something all your life and you get to realize that part of your dreams, incredible.
How helpful has the guys at Demon Doll Records been?
We have really enjoyed working with Demon Doll. They’ve got a great roster of bands and they really have a great understanding of the genre. It’s all been very positive and it’s good to not be mixed in with a bunch of bands and record company exec’s that come from different musical styles, it’s easy in those circumstances to end up having someone look after your band who has no interest in your style of music. So Demon Doll has been a breath of fresh air.
Have you got any upcoming tour dates?
We’re working on a few things but I can’t mention anything until it’s firmed up. We’d love to get out and see people again!
Thanks again for the questions and a huge thanks to our listeners out there! We really appreciate that you give us some of your time to listen to our music! Cheers!