Interview: Celebrity DJ William Reed

William Reed.jpg
From his early musical development growing up inside the Frankfurt, Germany underground music scenes, to his iconic radio shows on KZON, KWSS, KNRJ & KRKQ and now Dash Radio, William Reed has had quite a career to date. The DJ has performed at birthday parties for Moby, Norah Jones, Dita Von Teese and has even opened up for Pet Shop Boys, Aracade Fire, & Kings of Leon. Now Reed’s next event he is producing is the  annual Academy Awards after party at Bar Marmont.
We managed to catch up with Reed as talked about LA, interviews, performing his DJ set and more!
So what is the music scene like in Los Angeles?
LA is in the midst of a renaissance. The biggest growth boom in the past 100 years. It’s the music capital of the world. The music scene is alive and well and growing everyday. Whether it’s underground electronic music, indie rock or mainstream pop–LA has it all.
What is like interviewing bands on Radio as well as being an artist yourself?
It’s fascinating and I love it. When I’m interviewing an artist, band or producer I do not consider myself an artist. I am a journalist. Although also being an artist can easily help build rapport.
What is like being invited to DJ for Moby?
Amazing! I recently performed his birthday party and it was incredible. He was one of my earliest and biggest influences when I was introduced to electronic music over 20 years ago. To see it come full circle is a dream come true.
So you have opened up for the likes of Kings of Leon, Pet Shop Boys etc, how much do you enjoy you gigs?
Opening up for arena bands is always amazing. There’s nothing like playing to a crowd of 10,000+ people. It’s such a rush. But exposing new sounds to and getting that crowd moving is the best part!
How much does your fans mean to you? 
The fans are everything! Without our fans we DJ’s are just human jukeboxes.
Do you prefer performing or going on the radio?
I love both equally and find it unfair to compare the two. When playing to a live crowd you feel and play off of the energy. When in the radio station studio it’s you, your mic and your listeners. It’s much more intimate.
What has been your proudest moment so far?
Opening for Grammy Award winners, playing abroad, winning awards–these are all truly humbling but my proudest moments probably come from when I was teaching DJ classes at the community college. And then seeing my students take what they learned and go out into the world and make their own way.
How was it growing up in Frankfurt, is the music scene good?
Living in Heidelberg, Germany outside of Frankfurt was truly amazing. Although it’s a smaller city the music scenes are influenced from surrounding Frankfurt, Berlin and even the U.K.
Have you got any more gigs lined up?
Aside from my one-off bookings, private parties and special events I maintain regular weekly residencies in Hollywood and LA.
I also host and produce annual theme parties which I absolutely love and look forward to. My next event that I’m producing is my annual Academy Awards after party. These have always been hosted at a private residence in the past. This year, I’m excited to bring this event to the legendary Bar Marmont.