Kenny Davin Fine

Kenny Davin Fine is a passionate singer-songwriter, guitar-harmonica player, recording artist and spiritual journeyman who entertains, educates, and enlightens with his original music. Kenny’s medley of country, rock, and blues, combined with his honest and thought provoking lyrics, create a sound noteworthy for both its commercial appeal and spirit-touching qualities. His latest album due out on July 29 ‘Brand New Road’ was produced by Grammy Award winner Michael Lloyd. Kenny’s true desire is to break new ground and forge new paths, both musically and in his health and service missions. And missionary he is, not so much in a religious sense, but as he says, as a ‘Missionary of Goodness.’  It is this latter fact that leads Kenny to categorise his music as ‘Country-RockSpirational,; desiring his art to be not just sonic entertainment, but also a heart-touching, inspirational vehicle for the listener.Kenny commented on this and said: ‘When times are tough, people often turn to music for comfort and inspiration.

‘And today it seems, many people are looking for new avenues of such support.’

Included on the release Fine tells tales of wisdom passed down from father to son on Gotta Be Good, rekindling an unconditional love on If I Ever Loved You (I’ll Always Love You,) and the title  track Brand New Road is an inspirational anthem of finding ones journey.You can listen to the latest single taken from the album, Ballad of the Tennessee Texans, below.