Bullet Height Stream Debut Album

Berlin-based UK electronic-rock duo Bullet Height release their debut album No Atonement today via Superball Music / Sony Music, and to mark the occasion have revealed a special track-by-track video run down of the themes and inspirations behind the songs on the record.

Speaking about the album in an exclusive interview, the pair said: ‘We don’t necessarily want to say ‘this song is about a specific thing’, as we’d like to leave it to be open to interpretation by the listener, but there are certain emotions that recur throughout the record, definitely. Resentment, forgiveness, love, a bit of anger. But there’s positivity at the same time. These songs were a kind of personal therapy.’

Select Bullet Height 2017 EU Live Dates (UK Dates TBA):

May 18 – Urban Spree, Berlin (album launch show)
June 3 – Pool Garden, WGT weekend, Leipzig
Sept 8 – Tommy Haus, Berlin