Interview: Bitch Falcon talk latest track


Bitch Falcon are back with their ferocious new track Syncope. The Dublin trio have masterfully captured the full-force energy of their live shows, and the result is an all out collision of sound. Two years on from their explosive arrival, and with just a handful of singles, the band have emerged as one of the grunge scene’s brightest new hopes alongside the likes of Ontario’s Dilly Dally and LA’s Bleached. Despite the hype, Bitch Falcon have continuously strived to hone their style and always keep their sound moving forward; and ‘Syncope’ is the natural progression of this process. The aesthetics are raw, even at times frenzied, and the music harnesses the best elements of rock, grunge and pop; as singer Lizzie Fitzpatrick snarls her way through proceedings with her distinctive, once-heard-not-forgotten voice. Check out the new song below!

We caught up with the band as they talked about their latest single and more!

So how has the release of ‘Syncope’ gone so far with fans?

LF: We released this song as a live performance video about two years ago, and so fans have been asking when are we releasing it properly since then. I hope it lives up to expectation

NK: It’s been received really well but without sounding cocky, we knew it would be. This is the one we always got asked at every gig about. There was demand for it from the beginning and we teased it out there for probably a bit too long.

NM: As Lizzie said, the older release of the song in live form created a nice anticipation for it to be released as a studio entity. We were a little nervous as we definitely felt it had an expectation to live up to, but it has been well-received, thankfully.

Tell us a little bit about the track.

LF: This was one of the first tracks written. I was listening to a lot of The Kills and The Dead Weather so it’s basically a rip off. We used to call it ‘fast lad’ , as it was, erm, fast. So fast that our previous drummer stopped playing it halfway through at our second gig as it was ‘too fast’! It’s not that fast, but a lot of fun.

NK: I totally forgot it was called Fast Lad. It’s not even fast! It’s the stoner-i-est tune we have haha!

NM: When I joined the band in 2013, it was the second tune that Lizzie, Fia and Rudmila (the first BF line-up) showed me and I remember thinking it was really fun and gave a playful nod to cock-rock. We later gave the tune a bit of a revamp and re-wrote the second half of it, to give it the stoner vibe it now has.

How pumped are you for Canadian Music Week this month?

LF: We are so excited. I have never been across the waters, even to the states so its a big deal! Really want to make the most of it when we’re there, to try and get a glimpse of the indie and alternative music scene in Toronto. Ive heard really cool things about it, including the punk scene, would love to catch bands such as Triage

NK: It can’t come quick enough. Canada is beautiful, i have a few friends there (jesus i sound like Donal Trump!) and it has a reputation for housing the soundest people alive. I’m a huge Alexisonfire fan so i’m really excited like checking out some local music with my two best mates and meeting loads of deadly people! I also play Canadian cymbals so im going to perform some kind of ritual with maple leafs, bottles of Moosehead and my Sabian’s.

NM: I’m equal parts excited and terrified. I’ve never even crossed the Atlantic, let alone to play music, so it’s a dream come true in that sense. Looking forward to meeting new people and playing to a new audience, not looking forward to managing my undying love for Canadian donuts….

Will you be releasing a EP/Album this year?

NK: More singles any way and sure who knows what might happen before the end of 2017 😉

If you could work with any band on a new song, who would it be and why?

LF: I would love to spend even 5 seconds with The Knife. They are the perfect balance of aggression and melody. I would sell my soul for Karen Dreijer Anderson

NM: Working creatively with Girl Band in some way would be incredible. They are without doubt the most groundbreaking band to come out of Ireland in recent years. I live for their sound!

What’s the rock scene like in Dublin?

LF: There was a very strong period of hardcore music in Dublin, with very dedicated fans. I was exposed to it through other members of the band, became friends with other rock acts, and they have supported us so much from the start.

NK: IT’s great but there’s a lot of cross over in the scenes. You would have lots of people from the hardcore scene for instance in Dublin in bands in other circles and it’s all very inclusive and supportive. Although Dublin is the largest City in Ireland, it’s actually quite small and everyone knows each other and helps each other out. You’ll have the neo-soul heads going to rap, rock and hardcore shows and vice verse. It is a lovely place to be in a band and I think it’s the best place in the world to work in.

What was your funniest moment while recording the music video for the track?

NK: For us, it was discussing the concept with the director Kate Dolan because once we talked about it with her, she went off, rounded up a bunch of class, talented actors and shot a fucking amazing video for hardly any money with a top camera guy we worked with before on Clutch (Philip Blake). I wish we could’ve been there for a the shoot but we had too much on with the tour. I’d say they must’ve spent the day having maximum craic.

What were your first gigs your went to as a kid?

NK: I was 4 and it was to see The Saw Doctors with my mom. First proper gig was Radiohead when i was around 15. Game-changer!

NM: I went to see Red Hot Chili Peppers with my father in Lansdowne Road when I was about 14. That’s not counting the many visits to the point that preceded that, seeing Boyzone and Backstreet Boys….!

Who has the best fashion sense out of the three?

LF: Nigel, as he only wears black. See, Nigel’s mom? It wasn’t a phase afterall!

NK: 96% of my wardrobe is black band t-shirts.

NM: Nigel is our resident goth. Always on to a winner with all-black. Lizzie owns a killer collection of printed trousers and is generally v cool. Style-wise I’m hopelessly lost somewhere between the pair of them.