Album Review: Freeze The Atlantic’s ‘The People Are Revolting’

Freeze The Atlantic

FREEZE THE ATLANTIC’S third album ‘The People Are Revolting’  was recorded in just seven short days in South Devon – By Guy Shankland. The condensed but productive length of time gives TPAR an organic almost live from studio feel as the band crash through Eleven contemporary Grunge tinged tracks. Instrumental opener ‘El Nitro’ gives way to the motoring ‘Annotate My Fate’ which seamlessly shifts through the Rock genre gears. Title track ’The People Are Revolting’ kicks off with a Nirvana crunching guitar and morphs into an astute Alt-Rock rocker. ‘Altogether Not Together’ follows the previous songs familiarity while ’Captain Buzzkill’ goes full (nineties rockers) Three Colours Red and if you haven’t heard of them, do. ‘Crackerjack’ has a solid structure of emotion, punch then pause and repeat. The band stay on the same path with ‘Magnetoscope’, ‘The Floor Is Made Of Lava’ and the feeder frenzy of  ‘Roshambo’. FTA maybe slightly guilty of swimming in the lane for one to many lengths/widths of Alt-Rock/Grunge freestyle. That said the urgent ‘Gunnar Hansen’ hit’s the chest and ears like a elephants defibrillator. Finally a slow starting ’No Goodbyes’ leisurely drifts into the shallow end and then rocks back again. FTA have delivered an album of solid, tent filling festival favourites that continues to push them towards the main stage.