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Following the incredible global success achieved by the recently released A Little More Us, the melodic rock quintet Restless Streets now premieres Wrong Kids – an impressively structured, immersive and meaningful project, aiming to deliver a very personal and deep missive by providing the audience with an emotional musical composition and its accompanying atmospheric and powerful visual presentation.

In a collective statement, the band reveals of the song’s origin and inspiration: ‘The lyrics for Wrong Kids were written as if we are speaking to a friend that we won’t ever have the chance to speak to in our physical lives again.

‘We created the video in a way that allowed some of our closest friends and fans to be included, while expressing their feelings.

‘We wanted our city to assemble and deliver a message to the one’s they’ve lost to addiction, as if they had one more chance to talk.

”Addiction has become a terrible epidemic worldwide and we felt that we could connect with others who are dealing with the same heartbreak in an effort to help them cope along with us.

‘We want people to be conscious of the fact that everyone faces similar struggle in life and there is no stronger message that we would like to portray than the fact that we understand the difficulty of loss, we need to support one another and we are all in this life together.’

Wrong Kids comes from the band’s forthcoming EP – Together – which is set to be released on Friday, April 28th and will be celebrated with a few special shows, where Restless Streets will get the opportunity to play alongside bands such as Emarosa and Hawthorne Heights