Interview: Deference talk latest EP


Rising UK metalcore band DEFERENCE recently released their new video / single Departure part of their new EP False Awakening which was released last Friday.

Reminiscent of forward-thinking metal acts such as Architects, Northlane and In Hearts Wake, DEFERENCE’s latest EP revolves around the concept of a man-made apocalyptic world, exploring manipulation, loss and destruction. From the passionate vocal delivery to the captivating melodies and crushing percussion, this is an exciting release for the melodic metal outfit, who not only deliver hard-hitting material but also a relevant message.

DEFERENCE will tour the UK in April in support of the new EP.

Check out Departure below.


We managed to catch up with the band before they released their new EP as they talked about the release and more!

So how pumped are you to be releasing False Awakening?

We cannot wait, we have been sitting on this record for far too long waiting for everything to be in place for the release.

How has the title song gone so far?
The reception to our video has been amazing, we have had loads of new people follow us on social media and lots of great feedback, here’s a link to our social media accounts 😉

Can you tell us anything about the EP?
The EP is based on the concept we created with our first EP of a post apocolyptic world created by mankind, however the songs don’t follow a story as they do on the first EP and are more like snapshot type stories.

What got you guys in to music in the first place?
The reasons for us all getting into music vary quite a bit, but the reasons for us continuing with music are that we love creating music, we all love playing music and we love the reaction people have to our music more than anything!

Southampton has a number of music venues such as The Joiners and Engine Rooms, do you think the local music scene is currently thriving?
We think the scene in Southampton is definitely growing and we have actively been going to as many local shows as we possibly can and we are seeing a lot of promising bands

If you could work with any band on a new song, who would it be and why?
Periphery, mainly because of the insane ammounts of talent per member and also all the gear

What has been your funniest moment while recording this EP?
Constantly playing jokes on our producer and farting all the time and generally ruining his life

Who has the best fashion sense out of you guys?
It’s probably between Shaun and Rob but Shaun wears more pink t-shirts.

What has been your proudest moment to date?
Being able to play in different countries and people go nuts to our songs!