Live Review: Creeper at Southampton’s 1865

Creeper 3
Creeper (photo by Ben Smith)

On a night where Creeper showed Southampton’s music scene is well and truly thriving, a packed out 750 capacity 1865 was a truly special place to be on Friday. Puppy were a great opening act and they really knew how to warm up a show. There was an awesome mosh pit too. The band played a half hour set that included My Tree and the fantastic Entombed which really got the crowd going.

Puppy 2
Puppy (photo by Ben Smith)

Energy started off with a circle pit but despite the music being great, it didn’t really come to anything which was a shame. The American band played the title song to their 2010 EP Walk in to the Fire which was amazing to see. The band have been together for  11 years now but it was the first time they played in the U.K. Energy are one of those bands who need more recognition as they played a song that lead singer TANK  (Jason Tankerley) described as ‘Spooky’. This was of course their latest single The Witching Hour. The band then dedicated a song to Creeper Cult which was  Dead in Dreamland where TANK went into crowd then something special happened.

Energy lead singer TANK proposes to his girlfriend on stage

TANK’s girlfriend came on to the stage and the lead told the crowd that they had been together for for three years and then asked her to marry him.  TANK then played the song They  and sung it to his new fiance, it was an amazing moment.

Energy 4
Energy (photo by Ben Smith

Milk Teeth were great and Becky Bloomfield’s vocals were superb throughout. The band played the likes of their hit song Brickwork and Brain Food which was a treat for all fans in the venue. They played a little bit of a Smash Mouth’s All halfway through the set which got the crowd singing the lyrics. Then Milk Teeth finished on  Swear Jar which was a perfect way to end such a great set. Of course their was plenty of mosh pits throughout the set like their was all night. It is no wonder why Milk Teeth were main support as the band has truly got a lot of potential to be huge. 

Milk teeth
Milk Teeth (photo by Charlotte Michell LaBelle) 

Creeper then took to the stage as they played Black Rain first which was a unique but magical experience to start off a gig. Lead singer Will Gould certainly knew how to entertain a crowd and he did so with Room 309 which was an up beat song with a more slower chorus. Creeper then played Black Mass from the The Stranger EP which was just amazing. Will then thanked the crowd for making the album, Eternity, In Your Arms,  number 18 in the charts at the time which is an amazing achievement for a debut. This followed by the Honeymoon Suite as well as the brilliant Suzanne next. Lie Awake was then next as the band asked the crowd to give it up for Ricky Bates who been giving them chances all their music careers.

Creeper 4
Creeper (photo by Ben Smith)

What was refreshing they played a song from their very first EP which was We Had A Pact and that song went out to Ricky. Creeper then played  Valentine which went out to all their family and extended family. Will then couldn’t quite believe that the band is in the charts with the likes of Buble and Take That which is pretty amazing when you think of it. Creeper then dedicated Down Below for producer Neil Kennedy who has done so much for the band. Keyboardist Hannah Greenwood then sung Crickets which was magical experience and they claimed it was the best night so far. With crowd surfing and mosh pits continuing through the night, they played Hiding With Boys and Astral Projection. Someone collapsed during the show but they were quick to act on it and also asked fans to enter a charity auction for a signed piece of merchandise for Teen Suicide, a cause which close the band’s heart.

Creeper lead singer Will Gould

Creeper then played I Choose To Live  which just really sent shivers down your spine and gave you goose bumps. When the song finished, everyone in the crowd continued with the chorus until they went back on stage. Will and the band played VCR as an encore which was the first song they played at the Joiners. Will then got someone on stage who got hurt in the pit who was called Kay. Finally, Will then went on to say that they’ve said before in Boston Music Room that friend called Tyler had their last song at her funeral. This song was Misery and with Hannah joining in, it just made the song that more beautiful and was a perfect tribute to their friend. It was an amazing, and something I personally will remember for a long time.