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Refugee Action have been offering support and help to refugees for 35 years now. This show is a benefit for Refugee Action & features a raffle for some signed Enter Shikari stuff – you don’t have to be there to donate and enter the raffle – you can donate and enter the raffle online.

Here’s a bunch of info about the show itself. that takes place tomorrow (17th Feb) at Nambucca, from the organisers:


Thundering Drums. Thumping Bass. Aggressive Vocals. Bonkers Stage Shows. Cherokii are a two piece punk band hailing from Oxford, with intense high energy stage shows culminating in rants about tea, climbing on the drums and megaphone driven songs.

Sitting somewhere between the defiantly confessional songs of Tori Amos, and the glam cabaret punk of The Dresden Dolls, Daniel Versus The World delivers a powerful collection of queer piano pop punk songs addressing the patriarchal world we live in, and celebrating the activists, icons and history that have helped fight against it.

Chekhov’s Gun started as an outlet for three ex-members of an acoustic-driven band to indulge their shared interest in heavier music. Finally coming together in 2016 with the addition of vocalist Ryan Redman and guitarist Owen Jones (not that one), the combination of Redman’s strongly melodic voice and the 00s post-hardcore influenced riffs of lead guitarist Jay Miller resulted in straight-up rock songs that are loud, catchy and above all, (Chekhov’s) fun.


A Kinshasa born, London raised writer, poet, educator and workshop facilitator, JJ Bola independently published three books of poetry centred on a narrative of empowerment, humanisation, healing of trauma as well as discovery of self through art, literature and poetry. Creating the increasingingly popular addage, ‘hype your writers like you do you rappers’, he believes that the true purpose of poetry (art) is to expose the reality of this world and how to, most importantly, survive it.


…well who the hell else was gonna do the weird stuff?! Two of ya favourite creepy kids CITIZEN SNIPP and MYNXIE MONROE are gonna bring you freaky highlights from the TRT show, plus bonkers onstage games where y’all can win PRIZES!
Buckle up for some real live fire and official Guinness World Record breaking freakshow stunts!

Doors at 7pm, entertainment from 7.30pm.

Tickets are Pay What You Can, with a suggested donation of £5 – all proceeds go to Refugee Action.

There’s also signed Enter Shikari DVD boxsets up for raffle. You can buy raffle tickets both online and at the show, they’re priced at a pound and you can buy as many tickets as you like mate!

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Ticket link

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