Celeb Couple Release New Cinematic Folk Song For Valentine’s Day


East of Eli  (aka Nathan West) debuted his first single from his sophomore release Lost Transmission on Valentine’s Day in honor of his wife famed actress Chyler Leigh (Supergirl, Grey’s Anatomy).

The song titled Nowhere, beautifully fuses cinematic folk, pop melodies and modern electronic sound.  Nowhere is a love letter to West’s wife, acclaimed actress Chyler Leigh who makes her singing debut providing angelic harmonies throughout the track. The arrangement is stunning, highlighting catchy melodies, soaring guitars and deep synths, a reminder of their devotion to one another despite the challenges that come with both having careers in entertainment.

Check out the song below!

Thematically and sonically, the new single is East of Eli‘s strongest work to date, a poignant reflection of the past and present.

‘Nowhere is a song about how true love knows no boundaries.

‘I invited Chyler to be featured on the track to create a haunting vocal presence that would represent the idea that when you are alone and you think about your lover, they are thinking of you.

‘Her performance is very honest and heartfelt which is exactly tone and feel I wanted to capture within the story and production.’  confides West.

Nowhere is off of East of Eli’s upcoming release Lost Transmission.