Interview: Knifey talks new single

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Toronto based alternative band Knifey have just released their new single Tanlines. The band are calling out for a more simple life free from the tedious complications of the modern world and they hope that you’ll them. The band started recording their upcoming album, out later this year, back in September 2016 but now they are set to record another four songs in April to add to it. Listen to Tanlines below!

We caught up with the band as they talked about their latest single, new music and more!

So how has the release of Tanlines gone so far?
We are really liking all the support so far! It’s always awesome to see people react in such a positive way to something you’ve created.
Can you tell us a little bit about the track
Well, Tanlines ended up being a real collaborative effort between Phil and Max, both lyrically and musically.  It’s not surprising then that it turned out to be a pretty good compromise between the different extremes that the band experiences in their music and in everyday life.  It has a frustrated energy behind it, and yet is helplessly nostalgic/romantic at points.  Much of the song is about the vastly different emotions one experiences on carefree drives in the deep summer versus claustrophobic streetcar rides in the dead of winter.  Like always, there’s a girl involved.
Can you tell us anything about the upcoming album?
We actually started recording the album back in September 2016, and will be going in to complete the last 4 songs in April.  It’ll be 8 song in total.  We’re actually really excited about the material we’re putting down in this session, and think our best work is ahead of us.  There’s no concept really, but it’s got some enduring and relatable themes like being drunk, and driving around with the windows down (but not at the same time!).  We think it’s got a good beach rock vibe to it.  No title yet.
If you could work with any band on new music, who would it be and why?
Selfishly, I’d love to write and record with Noel Gallagher, firstly because he’s awesome, and secondly (and more importantly) because Phil can’t stand Oasis (hehe).  But more realistically, we’d probably look to work with someone like Brand New, Vampire Weekend, or Modest Mouse if we had the chance.
What got you guys in to music in the first place?
Well, I (I’m Max by the way) can only speak for myself, but I remember moments when I just thought playing a guitar was the coolest thing ever. Back then it was mostly listening to Blink and Sum 41, but then you dive into more classic stuff and start expanding into new genres.  After buying a guitar, I just loved the synergy and connection you forge when you play a song with friends. It’s also just great to have something challenging you can practice at and get better at every day. When you get to play songs and see people in the crowd rocking out, it’s the best feeling in the world.  Yes, I know that was like four answers, but I’m sure the other guys had a similar experience.
What were your first ever gigs you went to?
Max’s first gig was Greenday at the ACC on the American Idiot tour.  Phil’s first gig was Linkin Park.  Kyle saw Great Big Sea first at Warped Tour, and Ammar saw RHCP.  What a time to be alive.
Will you be touring at all this year?
Well, we’re thinking mostly about recording at the moment.  That being said, we are hoping to do a 401 tour in southern Ontario and possible Montreal this summer, but we’ve got nothing planned at the moment.  The goal until then is to keep playing in and around the GTA.  We’ve got a couple great shows in the works, including April 18 at Silver Dollar with Zoobombs.
What do you get up to in your spare time?
Collectively:  TV, going to shows, watching hockey, refreshing the same old websites continually until we die.  The usual stuff.  Oh, and of course a healthy dose of drinking.
What has been your proudest moment to date?
We recently had our first single ‘Sophie’ (released back in November) put on the ‘Punk Unleashed’ playlist on Spotify.  I think we were all super excited to even be on Spotify in the first place, but then to see our music alongside the likes of bands we love like Wavves, PUP, SWMRS, and the Dirty Nil was awesome.  Apart from that, we’ve played some great shows to great audiences in Toronto lately.  There’s nothing like talking to fans after the show and sharing a couple drinks.

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