Interview: The Running Lights

The RUnning Lights
The Running Lights

Following an appearance on NBC’s The Voice Season 3 and a successful touring career opening and playing for Atlantic Records recording artist Melanie Martinez, singer/guitarist Mike Squillante formed The Running Lights in the summer of 2015 with his brother Nick. The trio has since released four well received live covers, garnering over 50,000 views while targeting Mike’s substantial YouTube fan base. The band will be releasing an EP to follow their single Once Upon A Time (released on 31st March) in late April.

We caught up with the band as they talk about their new single, new music and more!

How has the release of ‘Once Upon A Time’ gone so far?

Nick: It’s been great so far! We’re getting a really positive reaction to the song. It’s amazing to see something we’ve worked hard on be received well. Now we just can’t wait to put the EP out!

Tell us a little bit about the single

Mike: “Once Upon A Time” is basically a fairy tale love story in reverse. The person in the song is a hopeless romantic. He or she can visualize their entire love story before it ever actually happens. The one thing he or she can’t figure is how to begin said love story. He or she doesn’t have the confidence or courage to be anything but a secret admirer, watching and waiting for the beginning to their happy ending.

Can you tell us anything about the upcoming EP?

Mike: All the songs on the forthcoming EP have to do with this general theme of saying what’s on your mind WHEN it’s on your mind. There are plenty of people out there who may be missing out on the fullness of life. I think we’ve all been that person at least once, unhappy with where we are, knowing what it would take to get to that happy place, but never taking the first step because we’re too afraid to do so. So, our message is basically to not let a moment go by without striving to get the most out of that moment. Life is short! Sonically, imagine that John Mayer joined The Chainsmokers and their favorite band is The 1975.

How much does it mean to you when fans listen to your music?

Mike: It means EVERYTHING to us. Being artists in a band is a tough job, especially in 2017. When your job is based in passion it means so much more to have people affected in any way by what you do. These songs are the product of many long days and sleepless nights, perfecting the sound and songwriting. So anyone, anywhere who takes the time to listen is basically our new best pal.

Steve: We’ll love you for it.

If you could work with any artist or band, who would it be and why?

Nick: We’re big fans of Zedd’s production. He’s a frontrunner of chord-based electronic production and we take a lot of cues from him when we’re working on stuff.

Mike: And Julian Bunetta, who did all the One Direction stuff, is another producer/writer we’re super influenced by. Say what you want about One Direction, but those are some damn catchy songs with fantastic writing and production value. Working on a few tracks with him would be a dream come true. It’s like he re-created what pop/rock is.

What has been your proudest moment to date?

Nick: That would be the day I finished mixing this upcoming EP. We went back and forth a lot getting these tunes to sounds right. The day we took our hands off of it was extremely fulfilling!

What has been your funniest moment while recording your EP?

Steve: Probably my outbursts if I happened to mess up while recording! It’s all been captured. I think Mike and Nick have a folder full of hilarious samples of me screaming behind the kit.

Will there be a tour with the release?

Mike: We’re planning to do some small-scale acoustic touring later in 2017. Like coffee shop vibe. Being a new band, we feel that it’s important to be able to connect on a face-to-face level with fans of our music. We wanna come to town, play a small show, then get to know and hang with our fan base as much as possible in this early part of the band’s life. Then we wanna come back and blow the doors off a venue with a full-scale show. Right now the dates we have are all in New York City. We’ll be at Pianos on April 20th, and Rockwood Music Hall on May 24th!


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