Video Interview: Devilskin at Southampton’s Talking Heads

Devilskin’s Nic Martin (left) and Paul Martin (right)

New Zealand legends Devilskin recently toured the UK alongside Eva Plays dead and Sumo Cyco as they finished up at Southampton’s Talking Heads on Saturday (25th March). To celebrate the tour, Devilskin’s second studio album Be Like The River, was officially released in the UK on March 17th and the band unveiled a new video shot in front of 10,000 fans for the single Voices which you can check out below!

History recently repeated itself for Devilskin as their new album Be Like The River entered their domestic album chart at #1 on week of release. Just 18 months ago their debut album We Rise spent 3 weeks in the pole position. This is unprecedented in rock music in New Zealand and is a testament to the excellence of Devilskin’s brilliant second studio album Be Like The River. 
Be Like The River was recorded at Modern World Studios, Tetbury in the United Kingdom after Devilskin’s European Tour in 2016.  After the success of We Rise the band maintained their strong working relationships, continuing the very successful and creative association with Producer Clint Murphy. Murphy produced and mixed the album, working alongside Ryan Smith from Sterling Sound New York who mastered both albums.
Devilskin have established themselves as a household name in their native New Zealand. Formed in Hamilton in 2010 this four piece rock band are bonded by blood. Paul (bass) and Nic (drums) are father and son, Jennie (vocals) is Nics’ Aunt and Paul’s sister in law, Nail (guitar) is Paul’s evil twin.
The band have already earned a formidable reputation by earnestly demonstrating commitment to unpretentious musical values: writing songs that have depth and passion, and a relentless touring schedule. Their tactical instrumental attack is balanced by the seductive Jennie Skulander and her incredible voice that sweeps from whisper to roar, rips with power, drips with melody and captivates with sincerity.
We managed to catch up with bass player Paul Martin who is also known as the Axeman from arguably, New Zealand’s most popular radio show, the Axe Attack. Paul’s son and drummer Nic Martin also joined before their set at Southampton’s Talking Heads.

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