Interview: Introducing FIVES


FIVES was formed in Baltimore, MD by lead vocalist Marc Cashin and keyboardist Matthew White and went through several line-up changes before finally coming together with current members Nate Lanzino, Billy Toti, and Max Rosenstein in 2015. The band’s sound is a combination of acoustic based rock and indie pop.

In June 2013, FIVES released its first independent EP, titled A Brief History. The album was recorded mostly live at Grammy award winning Bias Studios in Springfield, VA. In the spring of 2015 FIVES performed a standing room only showcase in Austin Texas during the SXSW Film & Music Festival. In addition, FIVES has opened for national touring acts such as O-Town and The Vespers.

FIVES latest EP called Heart & Thunder was released back in August 2016 but you can check out their latest single Lovers in Lullaby below!

We caught up with vocalist Marc Cashin, Matt White on keyboards and guitarist Nate Lanzino as they talk about their latest EP and more!

 How has the release of Heart & Thunder gone down with fans so far?
Matt: The release has been terrific so far. We have gotten and overwhelming amount of good feedback from fans and reviews from critics. I don’t think we expected such a response to some songs that started as an experiment in the studio a year ago. The Heart & Thunder video has been on TV a lot, and we get all kinds of people sending us pictures of the video on their screen – that’s pretty amazing.

Tell us a little bit about the EP.
Nate: We are really happy with the Heart & Thunder EP. It took us almost a year to write and record. Everyone really put their energy into making something that sounds completely different than the band’s previous music. I joined the group at the very beginning of the process and added my style to the stuff that Marc and Matt doing.

Marc: Yea, we didn’t necessarily go into the writing process with a plan – we just all got together in the studio and let things evolve organically. The songs usually start with a simple riff from either myself or Matt – and then they take on a life of their own. This album is fun. Its full of songs about relationships and love and has a distinctly more pop vibe than what we have done in the past.

What is your favourite song from the release?
Marc: Thats a tough question – a bit like choosing your favorite child. But we end all of our live sets with ‘You Go On”. It is just one of those songs that makes you feel good.

What is the music scene like in Baltimore, do you take any inspiration from All Time Low?
Matt: I think the music scene in Baltimore is getting a resurgence of sorts. There are lots of great venues for live music, and it seems like more and more are popping up every month. There are a number of genres that are doing well in Bmore right now – a lot of guys that we know or have jammed with with are really starting to come up. So it feels great to be part of that community.

Marc: I don’t know that our music takes inspiration from All Time Low. But their new stuff is really good – Dirty Laundry! It’s inspiring to know that a local band can achieve that kind of success.

Will there be new music out this year?
Nate: Definitely! We just finished a new single called “I Gave Myself a Day (To Think About You)” – it’s a really beautiful song about a relationship that just isn’t working out. We started writing it while in New York for a show – we had the the first verse and some melodic ideas really quickly, but the rest of the song didn’t come as easily.

Marc: We are going out on the road a lot this year, so getting in the studio as much as we’d like is tough – but our goal is to release another EP in the Fall. So stay tuned!!

If you could work with any artist on a new song, who would it be and why?
Marc: I think Chris Martin is excellent. I would love the opportunity write with him. His lyric style is similar to mine, personal and kind of poetic.


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