EP Review: William Control – The Black EP

WIlliam Control 4.jpg
Electronic, Goth, Rock, now there’s an intriguing mouthful of styles, textures and tastes – by Guy Shankand. However the reality is WILLIAM CONTROL have a released a record which barely brushes the eyeliner of Goth and only lightly pierces Rock‘s spurned ear. Opener ‘Analog Flesh In A Digital World’ is somewhat closer to the Poppy Dancey Rave assimilating dirge normally heard through a cider sipping, teenage hoodie’s I-phone on a park bench somewhere in the home counties. Second track ‘All I Need’ awakens a few heartbreaking emotions but misses the opportunity to be an all new Electro anthem. ‘Knife Play’ is tip top bipty bop electronic fusion of Depeche Mode looking disapprovingly down on The White Lies, plus it has the line “Falling in love with a slave”…wow. The slow burning ‘Velvet Rose’ is the standout of the four tracks on offer. A rich, piano laden dark ballad that evokes visions of jet black hair, mascara emotion hiding behind cheap shades and an armful of meaningful tattoos resting on a solitary gravestone. William Control are slightly guilty of trying to be being all things to all men, pushing and promoting Rock/Goth themes that are conspicuous by their absence. This is Electronic music that the younger Rock generation may just fall in love with, whilst those of a certain age won’t get past the first few notes before zoning out, unless they start at track four, which is simplistically stunning.

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