Interview: Hidden Cabins talks latest single

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Hailing from the Northern reaches of New Jersey (USA), the creative duo consisting of Craig Cirinelli and Brian Hofgesang (aka Hidden Cabins) recently released Bet It All On You.
With accompanying cinemagraph from Kayla Surico, Bet It All On You takes the listener on a slow building journey through Hidden Cabin‘s trademark emotive & melodic vocal deliveries, acoustic guitar tones and their collaborative intentions to mould dark brooding alternative folk/rock. Adding more instrumentation than previous releases, the Hidden Cabin‘s embark on an instinctive shift in their sonic direction.
The song-crafting chemistry between Cirinelli & Hofgesang has evolved organically over several years of their partnership. In which time, the outfit has released records via numerous credible indie labels and have embarked on tours of the US, UK, Canada and Spain.
Watch Bet It All On You

We managed to catch up with Hidden Cabins as the duo talked about the single and more!

How has the video for ‘Bet It All On You’ gone down so far with fans?
Craig:  We’re pleased with reactions we’ve seen, either direct or indirectly.   Nary of a bad reaction just yet (yet…), the general consensus is that the serene, ‘moving still’ cinemagraph style has captured those which have given it equal amount of visual and aural time.  In this day and age of fleeting singles, we do realize it’s not to be expected from everyone.  When I first saw the treatment done by Kayla Surico, I was personally entranced,  hence pleased with what we were putting out there.
Tell us about the song and video.
Craig:  The video is a representation of mood and tone, a visual placeholder of sorts.  It’s not a traditional video, so there isn’t a story to tell.  It’s more akin to a postcard, or the credit roll to a movie enhanced by the slightest bit of movement over the near ten minute span.  Regarding the song itself, it’s been our main set closer for quite awhile, when we’re given the time for a full-set.  It just seems to have a sonic build and dynamic to place it there.  Lyrically, I’d like to let the song tell it’s own story, a listener can take from it what they desire it to be.
Would you say this is your favourite release yet?
Craig:  Each phase of the group has a song or songs that stand out to us as individuals, “phase” being that it seems we write a few songs at once, play a lot of gigs, take some trips, and then repeat—so there are pockets of time to a few clusters of them.  It’s not always the same favourite song for Brian and I, and we’re quite OK with that.  Keeps us varied.  So I can say “yes” in the current moment, ha ha.
Will there be a new EP/ Album coming this year?
Craig:  We have an additional ‘single’ to record next month (April 2017) for a compilation request by Combover Records, a small indie label from New Jersey who ushered forth our last 10” record, which will be on a digital compilation soon after.  Our plan after that (at least discussed internally) is to record additional songs for an EP unto our own, perhaps to release on both 12” vinyl and CD, hand in hand.  Whether this will all happen before the end of the year, I’d doubt simply due to production time in the vinyl world, but I do know we plan on getting into the studio to track quite a few new songs for this reason by late Summer/Fall.
If you could work with any band on a new song who would it be and why?
Craig:   I’m extremely fond of many forms of music, which makes it a hazy mental sift to find a distinct answer to this question. Those that know me see the conundrum.  I obsess over some of the most saturated, thick, excessive music, yet hold the love for it juxtaposed with a passion for such organic, stripped to the bone songs as well.  Off the top of my head, Hope Sandoval perhaps?   That’s an always, instant answer.  But there are many.  Those that know me know how much I love to collaborate, create & mix up the influences.
What has been your proudest moment to date?
Craig:  I can’t pinpoint a moment for both of us in HidCabs, yet I bet we would agree, most of the traveling and the experience but within it.  We’ve been to different countries, over large bodies of water and masses of land and have been allowed to play our music in front of people with different cultures, dialects, and the like.  Humbling to be accepted (for a couple of humble guys).
What does it mean to you when you see fans listen to your music?
Craig:  That the inspirations and frustrations along the way became worth it.  The listener becomes that finish line. Whether it be in the comfort of their home or at a venue they chose to spend their time, a journey begun from song creation has reached another destination.
Will there be a tour or gigs announced soon?
Craig:   Tour, we plan what we can once or twice a year further out, yet do weekenders in between.  We have  open recent invites to return to some of our European destinations once again, which beckon us in such a warm, loving way.  Though we just returned from a “Texas weekender” which I bet you realize how large our own country is, so it was a trip in itself.  Gigs always, yet tour we can’t say soon, but we will, you can bet on it.
What has been your funniest moment as a band since starting?
Craig:  Nothing jaw-dropping that takes the cake. Plenty of little things… Brian sideswiping hedges on the *wrong side of the road* in England.  I took heat (more than once) for faking an accent overseas.  Brian’s blockades behind highway motel room doors with chairs/guitar/amps.  Salt on the rim of a beer in the South.  You know, those sorts of things stand out.

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