Interview: Scott Darlow talks upcoming single!


Although a new face, Indiginous rocker Scott Darlow has already had an impact in Australia. His debut single Solid Rock (A Goanna cover) went viral last January; it’s video featured a mixture of Australians from all backgrounds flying the Aboriginal flag, and was shared across social media  stacking up 30,000 plays in it’s first weeks, creating a powerful statement for Indiginous Australia’s unheard voice.

Music has been a constant rhythm in Scotts life. First learning the Cornet at five, then graduating to a multi Intrumentalist mastering Trombone, saxophone, clarinet, didgeridoo, piano and guitar as he grew.

Darlows Aboriginal heritage is never far from his heart, with the Didgeridoo forming a key part of his sound and musical identity, when the seconed single Sorry was released it became the most played track on Australian radio in the month of Febuary 2016, and reached reaching 6th on the countries Itunes chart.

hoping to spread his message of love, hope and unity  worldwide with his this single, Down like Flies has potentual to become an anthem for the down trodden and forgotten. Spreading the ever important message of never losing hope even when the odds seem stacked against you.

We managed to catch up with Scott as talked about the latest single and more!

So how has ‘Down Like Flies’ gone so far with fans?

It’s been really cool – to be honest often as a songwriter you just are too close to The songs to know – but it’s big live and is definitely a fan favourite. We opened our festival slot in Melbourne last week to a couple
Of thousand with it – and the minute the guitars come in big, they’re all jumping and going off!

Are you looking forward to releasing this to the UK?

Absolutely!! I’m Aboriginal from my mums side – but my dad’s side of the family were Scottish convicts! I’m stoked to have a 200 year long homecoming!!!

Can you tell us anything about the track?

Down like flies is a song that I wrote after spending a day in a juvenile maximum security prison – mentoring young offenders. And it’s really a song that’s calling out to my Aboriginal people – that we need to take our future in our hands and make positive choices for ourselves and our kids.

Will there be an EP or album released this year?

It was released on November and is called Sorry. The album was premiered in AUSTRALIA exclusively by Rolling Stone Magazine!

If you could work with any artist or band on a new song, who would it be and why?

Switchfoot – a San Diego band that just rock! I love em!!

What has been your proudest moment to date?

Musically? Probably a song I wrote called Hold On – a couple of years ago for a friend of mine – Sonia- she was real sick with cancer. She was real crook, and needed money due to not being able to work. A young mum and wife. I wrote a song called “hold on” and recorded it with Aussie artists Silvie paladino (she spent 2 years starring in Les Mis in the west end) and a Sony artist Fatai who had a huge online following – and then we put on a benefit concert for Sonia. We raised over $10K and streamed the show back to her live in London where she was living at the time. We had 400 people who knew and loved her come and support her and send her love that night and she got to see it all. Sadly she passed away a week later – but the amazing gift of being able to let her know how loved She was – and raise all that cash that’s now invested for her son – was something I’m so humbled and honoured to have been allowed to do. I’ve had songs that have been hit radio singles in Australia – but that kind of “success” pales compared to what we did that night.

Will you be announcing any shows soon?

Yes! Hoping to be in South Africa and the UK in September! We’ve just been added to a bunch of radio stations in SA and are believing this single and the next will really resonate with UK fans – and can’t wait to bring our Aussie rock to the motherland!

What is the rock scene like in Australia?

It’s really cool. There have always been iconic Aussie rock bands – from midnight oil to men at work to AC/DC to Jet –
There are always killer shows on and radio have been super supportive of my music out here! It’s a fertile place for artists!


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