Interview: Mad Machines talk latest single

Mad Machines
A five-piece cutthroat rock ensemble, the Toronto based group excels at taking the strange, the macabre and the seductive to new realms of sonic glory. The music bends and weaves through stripper dipped rock and roll rompers, into dreamy LSD flavored pop laments of girlfriends past… Mad Machines is not to be taken lightly, and certainly not to be missed.
Once I Was A Lion is a strange departure and was actually initially inspired by Disney’s The Lion King and you can check it out below!
So how has the release of One I Was A Lion gone so far?

The release of Once I was a lion has been great so far! we’ve seen a pretty positive response on all fronts so we couldn’t be happier.


Can you tell us about the track?

The track is a great little pop-rock romper for us, fun to play and easy as hell to sing along to. Its kind of a gonzo take on the lion king, you know if Simba was a drunk and Nala left him!

So is there EP/Album on the away at all?

We’re planning on releasing two more singles this year and possibly a live recording as well. We want to release another EP once the band has gotten in some good time on the road so we can release our music to the largest audience possible.

What has been your proudest moment so far as a band?

As a band, our proudest moments tend to happen in rehearsals… Every show has been a success that we get to share with our fans and friends, but we take a lot of pride in completing new material and constantly pushing ourselves to evolve musically.

If you could work with any artist or band on a new song, who would it be and why?

Anything Queens of The Stoneage… Because their Queens of the mother fuckin Stoneage, Josh Homme is a brilliant dude and all those musicians are absolutely beastly players. To open for them would be our woodstock.

Have you got a gigs lined up at all?
We’ve got a packed month in April! April 14th at Stop, Drop and Roll in Toronto. April 21st we’re at The Mustache club in Oshawa. April 22nd we’ll be playing at a U of T frathouse which will remain nameless for legal reasons lol and then April 29th we’ll be heading on south to Windsor to Villains Bistro! We’re planning a packed summer season as well so there are a bunch of dates TBA.
What is the music scene like in Toronto? 

The music scene in Toronto is jam packed with awesome artists and bands… we think its a good thing as it really forces bands who truly want to succeed to push themselves to be that much more solid so the competition breeds creativity. Great city to be playing in.

Who has the best fashion sense out of you all?

As for best fashion sense… Jordan Lassalle seems to have a cross between Sherlock Holmes and Jimi Hendrix haha kinda has a Lord Byron complex too but we love him.


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