Album Review: Radio Free Universe – Casa Del Diablo

Radio Free.jpg

RADIO FREE UNIVERSE’S debut release engulfs you, rocks you and in places is pretty f**king spellbinding – By Guy Shankland. The Canadian four piece bristle with an inner Seventies Rock clichéd confidence that demands your complete and utter undivided attention. Opener ‘American Gun’ thumps it chest with a silverback beat which is backed up with a traditional gun slinging riff, while the vocals incorporate a Coverdale to Cornell Rock singing style. Lead single ‘Disclosure’ is an urgent espresso hit of hands in the Arena Rock and is possibly the standout track. ‘18 Wheels’ keeps rolling on with the standard layers of Bass drum, Vocal, Riff,  then bring it all together combo. It’s not the most original idea or sound but it does work. The only real turkey is ’Butterfly’ which is a dreamy, drippy psychedelic bucket of pretentious pish. ’Six’ goes all Southern devil kicking, cowboy boots and poker in the saloon. ‘DMT, ‘Magnolia Girl’ and a Phonics-esque ‘Rest Of Us’ are all agreeable road trip, blue skies with the top down California cruisers. The album is held together buy some quintessential bourbon laced vocals which cover the tracks like liquor on ice. Casa Del Diablo moves, stones and shakes with a subtle twist on the older, more influential Rock genres while maintaining a modern edge. The Rock ghosts of decades past can sleep easy knowing their iconic sound is in safe, maple soaked hands.


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