Music hub MusicPlanet Live announces record deal opportunity

unnamed (2).jpg

New music hub MusicPlanet Live is launching a UK wide campaign over the next three months to find new music to release in an exclusive record deal offer.

Looking for a record deal? Look no further.

To sign up for the chance to receive this record deal, visit

Register onsite and MusicPlanet Live’s A&R will review all of your music, links, and pages.

MusicPlanet Live will be announcing the acts they will work with in July.

The deal includes:
1. Full album recording budget with top producer
2. Marketing and PR campaign with leading UK company
3. Artist’s backline including cabs, amps, guitars and drum kit (dependent on artist’s requirements)
4. Merchandise
5. Worldwide digital distribution
6. Physical distribution across UK, US and Europe
7. Professional video and photo shoots
8. Complete creative control

MusicPlanet Live’s site is designed to give every act their best opportunity to play more shows, increase their exposure, and create a larger music community. They want you to be a part of this.



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