Album Review: Our Hollow, Our Home – Hartsick


Metalcore has become quiet a controversial topic amongst metal fans recently, with many believing that the sub-genre has long gone by its sell by date. That said, whatever you think of the bands making the music, there is still a massive following for bands who combine breakdowns with massive choruses and that is exactly what south Englanders Our Hollow, Our Home are trying to provide here. Aiming to follow on in the footsteps of their successful peers in While She Sleeps and Architects, Our Hollow, Our Home are ambitiously self releasing this record and already have UK and European tours booked in as well as a lot of support from the mainstream rock media both sides of the Atlantic. Is it worth the interest though?

The answer to that is quite simple while also being a little complex. If you like metalcore from both sides of the Atlantic this is definitely for you. What the band achieve here is that they combine the American style of metalcore that is closely associated with warped tour and Sumerian Records with what British bands are doing currently by adding a more technical and heavier element to it while maintaining a melodic edge.

Songs such as second track Loneshark as well as the title track show off the bands ear for melody and massive choruses with the typical metalcore structure being used to great effect and the contrast of clean and scream vocals being utilised very well. What is impressive here is that, for the most part, these songs are not overproduced and you can hear personality in the tracks. The biggest problem for most bands who play this style of metalcore is that it is overproduced and this takes away the bite and aggression metalcore music has. However, Our Hollow, Our Home should be applauded for managing to avoid this when writing this style of track.

OHOH album

While the band may be setting a good standard when writing songs more associated with the US, it is when they sound more like their brutish counterparts that we really see how good this band can be. Songs such as Throne To The Wolves and Fox Blood show a lot more variation in the bands sound and they are a lot better of because of it. The former track opens with a piano line that sounds like Coldplay before the song comes in with the breakdown style and use of ‘bleugh’ reminding the listener of Architects but while all of this is happening the band have choruses that are reminiscent of Mallory Knox on their best day. A truly brilliant track that shows off exactly what the band can do.

What we see here on this record is that Britain has another band on its hands who can step up to the plate and lead a new metalcore revolution. The time where America dominated this genre is long gone and when Our Hollow, Our Home focus more on that sound that has become associated with the exceptional British metal scene, we may have a monster on our hands.

8/10 – Really good song writing of multiple styles

Highlights – Throne To The Wolves, Fox Blood


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