Interview: Vox Eagle talk new music video

Vox Eagle

Vox Eagle is the Aussie-American electro-psych pop duo, consisting of Andy Crosby and Luke Hamel. Experimental instrumentations combined with deep synths and driving beats has successfully allowed the duo to create a stunning EP enriched with a variety of sounds.

Vox Eagle emerged through a strong friendship, after Crosby and Hamel met whilst touring together in a previous band. During their time on the road, they discovered each other’s mutual interests and passion to create electronically influenced music that is contemporary and relevant to modern styles.

Crosby and Hamel self-produced and engineered the entire record, allowing them to take complete control over their creative process. The result is a body of music that is both edgy and experimental while also maintaining mainstream appeal.  Their leading single No Sleep demonstrates the band’s signature sound of atmospheric pop and ambient grooves. It’s cinematic vibes, contagious melodies and dance-worthy beats makes for the ultimate road-trip anthem.

Despite the duo still being in their infancy, Vox Eagle has received airplay on Australia’s famed Triple J. With a continually growing fan base, their highly anticipated upcoming EP is set for release May 26th 2017.

Check out the new music video for No Sleep below!

We managed to catch up with the duo as they talked about their latest single, upcoming EP, touring and more!

So how has the single No Sleep gone down with fans?

Its our debut single so we couldn’t really let anyone down with this one. My dog howls when i play it, my mates baby bops his head when he puts it on, and mum digs it so we’re 3 from 3 there.

Can you tell us about the track and music video?

The track rallies upon a lot of experiences of sleepless nights Luke and I had throughout the recording process. I suppose since we dont get to hang out as often as most bands as we are bi-costal its kinda of like a giant solar storm every time we get together. Not much sleep, not much food, lots of everything else.

So you two are great friends, do you think this is the key to any good band?

Not really. Theres no right or wrong formula. We get along well and like similar music and play a bit of devils advocate with each other so that helps. We will generally be the last two awake after a night partying, so I don’t know if thats a healthy combination but we seem to get the job done.

Can you tell us anything about the upcoming EP?

We tried to just have some fun with the first one. We wanted to make a record you could play at a party or in a car on a sunny day. So its all pretty upbeast and la la de da da. So we wrote a bunch of tracks about 20 odd and then broke it down to a final 5. We still plan to use a bunch of the other tracks in other EPs . We recorded it in various locations across the USA mainly air BnBs as we would fly out to meet each other then stay awake for 3 or 4 days recording. We’re exited to get it out and then finish off some of the other B-sides from the recording process.

Will you be touring at all this year?

Yeh we will be doing a bunch of shows to support the EP this year. We love the live part of it so excited to book some cool shows.

If you could work with any band on a new song, who would it be and why?

Probably Oasis, so we could watch Liam and Noel banter and have a laugh. Might not get a new song out of it but it would probably make a great video.

Is it a bit different just being a duo rather in a full band?

yeh, you get way more leg room on the tour bus and you only have to put up with 1 opinionated asshole instead of 3.

What has been your funniest moment so far while recording the EP?

Probably the first sessions of the record. We rented a house (AirBnB) in Woodstock for four days. We tried to stay awake the whole time so would constantly be waking up to find the other band member passed out at the computer or piano. It was kinda just chaos, delirium, and pinot noir. We had a lot of laughs and laid down the bones of the EP.

How much does it mean to you guys when fans listen to your music?

Fans are everything. The whole artistic process can be so daunting and hard at times to finish a record or ep or single or video, so anyone who digs our music we are so grateful for them taking the time to listen and respond. We are just starting out with Vox Eagle so we are just enjoying the writing process and hope people like our music. If they do then we got their backs for good. If people enjoy our music, well thats why we do it.

Luke: It turns out people love us in Uganda so we love our fans in Uganda and that’ll be the first stop on our world tour.


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